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Bargain 993 Hollow Spoke Turbo's in narrow body offset


20 Aug 2012
WARNING!!! The seller has only nearly enough info on the advert.

You need a photo of the back-inner-face of the rear wheels, as this would show the two boxes next to an A or a B, which correspond to the two possible widths he quotes (i.e. 9J or 10J) and the x-in-the-box tells you which rim it is.

A 10J hollowspoke turbo1 wheel actually measures over 10 1/2 inches, a 7J Cup2 measures over 7 1/2 and a 9J Cup2 measures over 9 1/2. I know this as I've just spent a few hours in my Wheelery having a sort-out (photos to follow :grin: )

So if he's 'measured' his rears and they 'measure' 10 inches, they might well be the 9J ones that came on the Boxster if he's 'rounded-up'.

Nothing wrong with that of course - excellent wheels whichever you get, but Boxster versions are worth less than the 996.1 versions.
Ahhh a day in the Museum of Alloy. Each Exhibit-area spings a new surprise on the happy visitor.

Look mommy, is that really a Gold Subaru wheel?


Even just a 9J Cup2 rear is impressively wide (7J fronts on the left) with two 10J hollowspokes behind it.


Here's the daddy....

I love the smell of new-old-stock in the morning - smells like...... hollowspokes.

Are you leaving them to your children to eBay to someone who might use them?
:oops: exactly - I've decided to spread the love, and so will be putting a few sets up for sale :oops: which is why I was having a sort-out.

For instance having a spare set of the perfectest wheels ever (Cup2s) meaning that other people can't use them is CRIMINAL. :wack:
I'll get the black cap then ... :judge:
My experience of eBay is that the real bargains are from people who do not know the real value of what they are selling = they don't really know what they have = items are not described very well.

These could fall into this category but as implied above tread with care ;-)
ps I'm tempted to buy them as you could make a few bob on them but I've now got 8 sets of wheels in storage :dont know:
OC is going a bit senile, so I will be checking the Subaru section daily for Wurth Gold BBS LMs in NB.

Don't talk to me about gold wheels..
I want my BBS LMs to look like these ones.....
Nice with a black car IMHO....

Yes, those are the ones.

I just need OC to set the reserve at £200 or less.
OC are you senile or don't you know :what:
This advert is very confusing, the title says 8j, the description is 7.5j then 9j ! I would proceed with caution....

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