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Bad Accident today oon way to Goodwood


29 Apr 2013
On the way to goodwood this morning --Sat Nav took me down a country lane , car came other way on crest of bend (Passat VW ) we were both doing 35 /40 ish -- i tried to get over , road not wide enough , his front wheel hit my rear wheel bang , i spun round car sideways

50/50 , just feel f*****d off as you can imagine :-( --never had a biggie like this before -- and in the new pride and joy damage was shocking on both cars for a lowish impact , both his airbags deployed , mine didnt

all people incolved ok , at the end of the day its just metal !! :sad:
That's bad luck but as you say it's only a car and everyone walked away unharmed which has to be a good result!
Sorry to hear about the crash, but glad everybody is still in one piece. The safety features on modern cars really are good these days.

never got there , missed a blinder i bet

must say Porsche Recovery were spot on , dropped us at the centre of our choice (or at least their bodywork place) , then arranged a taxi home , even offered to take the car , and take me to the Festival in a Taxi and bring us home in a taxi --now thats service --but wasnt in the mood as you could imagine
Nightmare :nooo:

Glad no one was hurt though - I wish your p&j a speedy recovery...
Sorry mate.... It will get fixed and all will be ok. Funny how it never seems that way though.

Glad you're ok.
thanks fella's --- bit dispondent at the moment , still aint really sunk in , was only 5-10 mins from Goodwood as well . gutted at missing what was an excellent day by all accounts --

I took loads of pics of scene as had camera for FOS so should have a CSI type accident report -- the other guys air bags went off --both driver and passenger side (no passgr though ) and smashed his wind screen on passenger side --powerful old stuff those air bags ---

none of mine went off , maybe he was going faster than me ??? all happened so quick --

sat nav took me down the road off the beaten track , my own fault should have stuck to the main roads
You should of took the offer to go to Goodwood, it may of settled you mind a little. Glad you are okay.

Goodwood do say don't follow your sat nav for the last few miles, maybe they send out Kamakazi Passats if you stray from their pre planned route?
infrasilver said:
Goodwood do say don't follow your sat nav for the last few miles, maybe they send out Kamakazi Passats if you stray from their pre planned route?

The guy did have a Marsh Marauders Fleece on

We were heading for the racecourse end as of the place (chequered pavillion) hence the reason for the turn off , was silly in hindsight
was one street /raod away from the racecourse

Would have loved to have gone on . but with that at back of the mind may not have been a totally relaxed day

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