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Back in the hunt for a 911 :)


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17 Jun 2012
Hi Guys

Looks like I be coming back in the fold!

Been loving the Exige and best drivers car I have ever had! but we have a small baby daughter and its just sitting in the garage not being driven as on the weekend or nice evening as we cannot all fit in the Exige , we just end up in the family wagon, so feeling a little pointless. :?:

Looking for a Gen 1 S either 2s or 4s I think tbh due to budget , unless I could find a good gen 2 for a super low price 30ish! :D . Would not spend that much on a Gen 1 tbh. My plan is just to buy a good warranty and not worry about the m96 failing , and if it does then bam claim made.

Anyone know any good ones not up for sale yet? , looked PH , AT , EBay etc some nice one about

I have a Lotus specialist looking at the car so hopefully she should go and he is offering what I want for it so happy days , unless anyone was interested in a Yellow Exige on a p/x :D

Also am I better trying to hunt down an aero kit in parts only then get it fitted>as the cars with Kits seem to be at quite a high premium!

As I love the Aero Kit examples :) :)

Thanks in advance

Hi Paza, welcome back to the fold. An Aerokit retrofitted from an OPC will be in the region of £4k which includes, painting, fitting & VAT. I have seen 997.2 C2 cars in the mid-late 30's so it 's definitely worth haggling for a price in the low 30's if the mileage is relatively high, ie 50k+. The early Gen 2 S versions will still be in the £40k+ region. Have you considered a Targa? Maybe more practical for your young family by virtue of it having a rear opening hatch where you could get to the little one fairly easily.

Happy hunting.

~ Maxie :thumb:
When you say 30K "ish" realistically a gen 2 S is out of budget - unless of course the "Ish" is another 7K, If so, then I do know of one.
If you want specs pm me
For a Gen 2 I would be content with a non s , as the power is not much off a gen 1 s , on stats alone. Sadly the budgets not at that position as am max out on early 30 mark.

I went to see the Gen 2 convertible which is up for 32ish I think ....either way not a good example. After asking how long they have had it I was told 2 weeks and the boss had been using it all week hence why it was dirty :?: , after I had already noticed the coolant was nonexistent , a rubber seal off the rear spoiler was lose ... I had seen enough... surely fluids would be the first thing you would check?

Also needed new disc and pads
Questionable service history book
Clutch Slipped on the test drive!
And Wraps are just terrible so at least I established that :D
Front bumper did not line up

Drove very nice :D

Regarding the aero kits the bumpers seem easier enough to find just the dam spoiler seems so difficult to source , that may well be a main dealer purchase , my thoughts are I reckon I get it all fitted for under 2.5k
Aston Martin Guildford had nice generation 2 coupe in cobalt blue with full Porsche service history and their own 12 month warranty for £31950, so they are out there at that sort of money :thumb:
My Gen2 C2 PDK (25k miles, OPC history and warranty) was put up at £33995 through the BMW dealer that I traded it into. My guess is that the car owed them about £29k so there was probably quite a lot of haggling that could be done.

There probably aren't loads of Gen2 C2 cars out there but I think they do represent good value for money if you can find one with a decent spec.
Paza3, what are you like? :D , shall we start a sweepstake on how long the next mistress will sit in your garage? 3rd Porker coming up, that must be saying something about the brand. Good luck with finding a nice 997,am sure it'll be a cracker.
Yeah am keeping my eyes peeled for a Gen 2 , I think in all honestly it will be a sorted Gen 1 with a warranty.

Shurv , I know what you mean I purchased the Exige as a good investment decision , cost the same as a Yaris to run excluding tyres , pretty much depreciation proof and in fact increase in price, also disaster costs are a non event being a Toyota Engine there really are great investments... most owners will tell you how they had a Lotus for 3 years and sold it for the same price they paid 3 years later! :eek: . Its amazing fun to drive and overall its a wonderful car and one of the best I have owned. But with a little daughter and wanting to use the weekend car on the weekend it never happens and we end up going everywhere in the Vogue!

So I decided to go back to the drawing board and basically looking at a 4 seater car so was looking at a RS4, M3, 911 or Evora .... it was pretty much only took a evening to decided that the weekend car was going to be one of Stuttgart finest!

The Lotus buyer turned out to be a plum so were no longer doing business, so I have now put the Exige on for sale so hopefully she will sell soon had a few sniffs already which is positive. I've pretty much decided if I cannot get X figure for it I shall wait till the spring where I get the same if not more for the Exige and the 911 prices would have dropped a bit more :thumb:

Link to the ebay ad if anyone was interested :D


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