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Back after 8 yrs with 997 woes

Soin, being a sceptic I was slightly concerned when you typed "I would imagine any engine works would be guaranteed."

I am not one for imagining other folk might act in MY best interests in any dealings with almost everything where money is concerned..?

I suspect that car dealerships operate in terms of profit and loss arranged relative to THEIR priorities... Thus I might expect them to use minimum input against RISKS involved to resolve the situation perhaps..? And with the rep of that engine how long before the next issue arises given it was originally built in the best place possible and now is to be repaired by folk who did not detect the initial issues that so many know may be found lurking ...? But if you go with that would it be wise to get them to replace the IMS while they have things apart or not worth considering.. Hmm..?

The value of a guarantee..Hmm.? Depends on who is guaranteeing what, but in the motor trade as with many others when a claim arises, I suspect much ends up in argument in a bid to save money being the priority.

Don`t know the laws in Canada but suspect now by their own admission the dealership sold you a car that it is reckoned will cost THEM $24k to make it serviceable...!!! Also I would expect that there would be no compulsion placed upon you to select a car from THEM as an alternative purchase, as opposed to a full refund...?

Perhaps not get too tied up in the Porsche mist associated with anything imagined, we can all get caught up in the myth given the amount of Porsche hype that has been out there for many a year ... This is business with money at the core, way too many folk may be wearing rose tinted glasses when buying ANY car, and in the case of a sports car, perhaps more so... been there done that more than once and in such situations the dealer is your ..err friend....?

As for any thinking on investment driving your desire to spend cash on a fun/hobby car at this time..Hmm..?

I hope all works out as well as you might wish Soin. :thumb:
soin said:
So the 997 was finally looked at by Porsche centre Victoria on Vancouver island, third time around they have acknowledged the damaged cylinder walls

The dealership manager for alfa, Maserati, fiat where we bought the car phoned to confirm what I already new.

He asked if I'd still see value in the car if he rebuilt the engine at his cost of $24000, otherwise we could trade in on something else in stock

Looks like he's gonna be upstanding. I said if it were a warranted rebuild I'd be interested in having the car back, I think Porsche will do it as they're part of the same dealer group, and whilst it took them 3 bites to notice the bore score I would imagine any engine work would be guaranteed

The dealer manger is meeting with his senior tomorrow at 1pm to discuss the options and will call me later in the afternoon, he has also offered a courtesy car for the duration of the rebuild

Could be a silver lining and a happy ending

I'll keep this updated

If they will put a 12 or 24 month warranty on the rebuild then take the offer imho .

A Porsche rebuild is new case halves .
I know the car was pulled into the service bay at 3pm on Friday, and the phone call from the selling dealer manager came at around 6 pm, he quoted the figure of 24k to me at that point, so must have been quoted by the Porsche main dealer

Therefore I assume it'll be them doing the work if we go forward with a rebuild
All work is warranteed to some extent, how long we ll have to see
This situation has been a source of some embarrassment to the dealership group as stated by the selling sales manager, I would hope the build would be heavily scrutinized to avoid further issues down the road, we love the car, it's fully loaded and I love GT silver and cocoa.

If the rebuild goes ahead I will obviously pay for whilst your in there items such as upgraded IMS and starter cable etc

I would like to go the Hartech/ LN route however I'm unsure on turn around times and as a courtesy vehicle has been promised such work maybe out of my hands.

The list of replacement parts this car has had over the last few years with its
Previous owner and the spec and the price point at which we got into it makes me feel this car is worth the time

Anyways thanks for taking the time to chime in on this
I will keep the thread updated of course
Had a call from the selling dealership manager yesterday morning to confirm that the engine will be rebuilt at their cost, and a courtesy car is on its way on a flat bed. Porsche are not doing the build as they don't have the time so it's being carried out by one of the groups affiliated shops, engine will be warranteed.


These guys are handling the rebuild, website puts my mind at ease.
Details of build have yet to be discussed but I will push for Nikasil and IMS upgrade

Looking forward to get the car back and running the engine in
Will update as this progresses

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