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Baby/Child car seat for sale

walt mcdermott

Well-known member
7 Feb 2006
Hi folks

we have a child car seat for sale on ebay at the mo, its a sicuro model with a very unusual pattern, it fits forwards in the rear seats of any 911 and rear facing in the front with the airbag deactivated and is suitable from birth to 4 years. we have one of these seats fitted in the rear of my 993 it fits perfectly.

Anyway the item number is 330024461181 if anyone fancies a bid

regards Walt 993 c2 cab

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Walt - i really need that seat - can u pm me urgently?



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That colour is NASTY!

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Re Pattern,

You will either love it or hate it but either way you got to admit its very unusual and rare never seen one like it before,also looks better in the flesh.

Fuchs, heading straight out to Tatton Park for the German Sports Car Show,will PM you when i get back mate

Regards Walt 993c2 cab

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That seat is going to go for a lot of money on eBay! I don't think that there is a single 911 driving father/mother who feels 100% comfortable with the styrofoam butchered with a bread knife to make it fit option.

Although for the older ones the combination of the Graco Hi-Life and a Sunshine Kids Supermat do appear to be the ultimate solution.

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I went to
the other day- the warehouse is just up the road- and met the owner.

Turns out he has a 911, and said he would be taking a load of seats/boosters home for testing!

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Robert - let us know what he says, as Walt's seats on Ebay are only fit for millionaires...... :eek: :wink:

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I see Walt's one got relisted guess someone realised that they could probably have a custom one made in pony skin for the price it was going for.

www.babyworld.co.uk is that a mail order children site?

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SeanD - Walt is selling another one of those "rare" seats - the one he was selling a few weeks ago was a black/white "cow" pattern.

But i agree - having a custom made seat in whale skin foreskin would be cheaper than what he was wanting.....400 squids for a second hand seat.

Theres one born every minute. Obviously.

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Walt is a pro.

When the seat was listed I added it to mt ebay favorites. Then forgot about it. Yesterday eBay sent me a mail saying that one of my watched items had been re-listed. I assumed because it was a non paying buyer. Clicking on teh link shows he has re-used the same item but changed the picture etc. I think this means he gets out of having to pay some of the fees.

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Hi Lads,

Ref the sicuro seats, Fuchs a car seat is only worth what someone is prepared to pay, i start the auctions at £30 and one was bid up to £405 its not a case of me asking for that sort of money, i think people realise Sicuro seats are great for a 911 and better designed than the Official Porsche one, you messaged me to ask how much i was looking for to end the auction early and if my memory serves me correct i asked you to make me an offer and told you what a couple of previous seats had sold for, dont think i said anything about wanting £400 from you.

SeanD, not a Pro mate i actually Run a Restaurant and Bar for my sins, the seat currently on auction is a completely different seat any Sicuro seats that i have sold on ebay have been bought and paid for and the owners are more than happy with them as the feedback shows. p.s i have paid all the Ebay fees too

hope this clears it up lads and remember if you fancy a bid the latest seat is still sitting at £30

Regards Walt 993 c2 cab

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So you're not a pro Walt?

How exactly have you managed to get all these s/hand seats in your possession then??

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Hi Asim,

Got a good contact who gets hold of them from time to time,by the way its my Mrs that sells them on Ebay and please please dont call her a Pro lol she may take it the wrong way.

Regards Walt 993 c2 cab

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Hi Walt,

your pm to me was that you had sold 2 seats previously- one for 405 pounds and one for 380 pounds (iirc), so if i had offered you say 80 pounds you would have stopped the ebay sale early?

All i´m saying is that it seems a bit steep for a second hand car seat and how rare can they really be if you have sold at least 4 so far on ebay?

so as im feeling generous ill give you 80 pounds for one curreently offered on ebay - can you send me a pm when you have closed the ebay auction?

Thanks. :wink:

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Hi Fuchs,

Thanks for the offer of £80, unfortunately going to have to reject it as the seat cost us a lot more than £80 to buy, Sicuro seats are extremely rare and hard to get hold of mainly because Mamas and Papas delisted the seat some time ago and unfortunately for us Porsche owners did not produce a seat that fits snugly in the rear of a 911, if you are looking to purchase a child seat for your porsche and feel the Sicuro seats my wife sells on ebay go for too much money ( and you obviously do ) then check previous threads there are some other and probably less costly alternatives out there.

Finally you are correct we have sold 4 of these seats previously and i have another currently sitting in my garage for sale after this one sells, please remember i do not set the price on the seats its an auction which a lot of people watch and decide to bid on, i am not out to rip anyone off and all porsche owners who have bought one of the seats we have sold are more than happy with thier purchase as the feedback shows. I list a message under parts sales and wants when we have one for sale mainly because i remember the problems i had finding a child seat to fit into the rear of my 993 and in my opinion and the opinion of many other forum members the Sicuro seat is the seat to have bar none.

By the way i notice you live in Switzerland and shipping the seat there would cost a packet this seat is only available to people in the u.k so please do not bid on the seat, perhaps you may be able to get one for £80 on Swiss Ebay :wink:

Regards Walt 993 c2 cab ( with a Sicuro child seat in the rear )

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