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Average lifestyle of a Porsche enthusiast..?

Would be worth adding it's the 992 Sport Classic video.
I suspect there will be plenty of info out there on the Sport Classic, whereas this vid would seem to be aimed at those who might like to imagine owning a Porsche might project a different image of them to the rest of the world..?

Magic919, try this one for size if it is real information on the Sport Classic that you are after, all be it with a degree of marketing.. :)

I could try the same thing with the 8mm of my Austen Allegro :?:
Jeez Jonttt, you had an Allegro AND an 8mm.... Impressive :)

Whereas in the seventies I did at least have a Porsche, oh and porn star moustache. (-:

I think I had a bit of catching up to do to match the image presented in the vid... :?: :D

I will attach a pic of my first Porsche some months after acquiring it, while making sloooow progress towards dragging it through an MOT perhaps another 6 months later..

I will spare you the pic of me at the time moustache and all. :floor:


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It's more that I can know what it is before I click on it. Since the embedded YouTube is not working on here, there's no clue that I've already seen it.
Magic919, seems I can`t win, there are those who proclaim I type too much, so I guess I should be happy that there might exist those who think I might not type enough detail... :dont know: :floor:
:eek: :grin:
When I first saw the post I thought it said average lifespan, not average lifestyle but that was a sign of my slightly failing eyesight due to getting older.

That and I was being optimistic that after taking so many years to be able to afford decent cars, I will stay around long enough to enjoy the fruits of my life's Labour.

Then going back to the original post, 'average lifestyle" well, didn't Porsche drivers used to be young and flashy as opposed to the now, mostly a bit more mature or am I just thinking of myself here :oops:
You are not alone wilpert, I am not much into determining averages as such, but if you look at pics posted of PCGB events and others, you might begin to suspect that there could be a considerable proportion of Baby Boomers who currently own Porsches...?

All those added years, lump sums and other such pension enhancements to buy out the terms and conditions of the old hands had to be spent on something.... ?

I suspect the BB`s more than any other section of the populace have determined the current market value of Porsches. As to the way that may work out in time is anybody`s guess.. :?:
Luddite said:
This vid encapsulates my Porsche experiences and lifestyle from the seventies to the present day perfectly...... NOT.. :floor:


Well, I'm not walking in my father's footsteps in running a modern 911, as he didn't run a 911 back in the late 60s or early 70s - it was an MG B in BRG, followed by some Triumph Dolomite Sprints in various shades of brown, because he had children, but he did run a boat (albeit a converted lifeboat with an old bus engine from a Routemaster).

I'm pretty sure he would have liked to have lived that tennis-rackets-in-the-south-of-France lifestyle, just as much I'm pretty sure he doesn't envy me my working life (he used to be able to get the same train every morning up to the City and the same train home every evening).
My dad had a battered triumph herald that ended up in a 1970s Belfast roadblock. He didn't even bother to replace it for years until he left the shipyard and took up mini cab work, he then got a Mazda and constantly bragged about what a great car it was.

I don't think he ever left the uk to travel and he never wanted to own his own house let alone a Porsche.

I'm not sure where I got my ambitious ways from, it certainly wasn't passed down from my parents.
I'm fact I think it was more about what I didn't have!!
I guess a degree of relativity may be best applied..? I do not know what the average age of 911 owners might be but perhaps if 50 or over, but I suspect not all that many may have fathers that owned Porsches, and in some cases their fathers may not even have owned cars at all..?

Me..? I guess I was just into things mechanical from day one, getting down and dirty to find out how things worked just became a way of life . I suspect there may be many others just like me regardless of their wealth, inherited or otherwise, who are true enthusiasts of the ICE.

In my time I have been fortunate to meet and enjoy the company of many similarly enthusiastic folk over a number of years where one`s wherewithal was of no interest to them in any way, it was all about the machines and our common interest in them..

As for advertising and that which it portrays..? Given the advertising budgets of some companies, I guess it must work well enough to influence the average persons mind, in that it pays for so very much which we all seem to take for granted. :?:

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