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AutoAlex has just bought a 993

Nope - I didn’t fit a K&N filter….

It had an already had an uprated air box from the PO when I bought it, so there was already plenty of induction noise though. You can get them from Design911.
Well, the new 993 certainly seemed to make AutoAlex happy! And it looked good on the slipway.
From watching the video, it's clear that he really loves this car and it genuinely was his dream car - not just a purchase to get some more views. I'm interested to see what he does with it...
do youtubers just 'break' their cars for the clicks ?

Did you fit the K&N air filter he mentions? Did it make any noticeable difference to the drive?
have a K&N on mine and i can safely swear makes no difference whatsoever
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do youtubers just 'break' their cars for the clicks ?

have a K&N on mine and i can safely swear makes no difference whatsoever
I actually thought it was a really good video. It actually felt as genuine a youtube video as i have seen representing what a PPI inspection entails. I don’t know that garage but the major benefit for me is finding an indy who a) actually know what they are doing and b) are confident enough to actually talk through the PPI with you and not just drop the car off and get a sheet of paper back. I felt like it could easily have been a video of me getting a PPI done at my preferred garage (unit 11 with Johnny).

If anyone is after a 993 who does not know the cars this is a great video of how to get one inspected, good effort

Ps believe me there are garages that would have come up with a £5k+ needed on that car especially when done after purchase but again this one felt genuine from both sides.
if he paid £40k, that is a great price for an arena red 993 varioram with hard back seats

Rennworks did a very good job, a good 2nd video, even if the video title is youtuber misleading

credit to the durability of the 993 (y)
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King of porsche :love:
Alex new 993 in amazing condition for a 200,000 mile 911. Testament to how well built these Panzers are. Love em.
I too have not watched Alex for a few years as I found him very annoying and didn't produce the kind of content that I wanted to watch..............however I have watched both 993 videos and have to say that I enjoyed them and will subscribe for now 😉
i would agree, reason why Singer couldn't improve it 😀
OMG, I love that statement. I assumed you've not copyrighted it as I am going to be using it :ROFLMAO:

Edit: I've updated my signature !

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