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audi rs2


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20 Nov 2003
Anyone on the site own / has owned one of these rocketships? Be interested to hear thoughts on ownership.


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Not quite in the same league but I did own an S2 coupe which was quite a bit of kit for the money. Usual Audi numbness about it but excellent engine and grip.

As far as mental estates go, the RS2 is still right up there!


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I'm vaguely thinking about chopping in the m3 for one. Could make a nice stablemate for the 993 and perfect for the high speed dash back from the diy store. Bit worried about the reports of inert steering and crap ride though (isn't that a Porsche speciality?!)
Think I better track one down for a test drive...

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Won't be nearly as involving as an E30 M3, of that I am sure, but would certainly provide distance crushing performance as they are motorway specialists. Quite handy on windy bits too but sometimes my S2 felt a little bit unhappy about being thrown around and suited a smoother style for quick progress. Overall ride quality was good - the RS may be a lot firmer though?!

Definately a lot of car for the money and well worth a try. Couldn't really be more different than driving a 993 - which might be a good thing for your 'fleet'.

Were you being sarcastic about the Porsche speciality? I'd partly agree on the ride but not on the steering and I drive a C4!


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Just a touch of sarcasm, but I was referring to the ride, not the steering. Porsche seem to be able to get amazing communicative steering, but their ride quality leaves a lot to be desired. My 993 (only 30k miles) is a lot better than my 964 (which rode like a truck), but is not a par on the e30 M3 (80k miles). All other Porsche derivative I've driven seem to be the same with the exception of the 968. Maybe its high unsprung weight in the 911 s.

Have read a few road tests critising the ride on the RS2. Still I've always wanted one so now maybe the time before all the good ones go.

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How much do RHD ones go for, as I too am thinking of getting one when the Merc contract is up in 12 months.

I can tell the missus that it is just an ordinary family car, ha, ha, ha :twisted:

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Poon - I think they only made the RS2's in LHD.

Bosch - they are awsome cars, but you'll find them less rewarding to drive and more expensive to run than your M3.

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Poon - There were approx. 2200 RS2s made between 1994-1995 of which 180 were RHD. RHD commands a premium of about £5k over LHD, but personally I don't think its worth the extra outlay.

Matt - that is what I suspect, but there is something that appeals about a porsche estate car with 315 bhp and 0-60 in 4.8 sec!

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I love the concept of the RS2 as well (and the RS4 come to think of it), most of the ones I have seen for sale have relatively high mileages, which doesn't always go together well with a highly tuned turbo engine.

I would certainly be jealous if you got one though...

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great info, I would need RHD otherwise the missus would not beleive that it was an ordinary run of the mill Audi! Afterall it would be her runaround :wink:

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I've had my RS2 coming up 2 years now.....Great car,feels like an ordinary car really but when it hits that 3.5k.....off she goes. Thats the beauty of it really,potter about in it if you like or if you need the power it's there if you need it, come rain or shine.Mine is dark green (Ragussa) so it does not really give the game away but if you look closer the cup alloys, big reds and big spoilered front that hides the intercooler indicate what performance lies beneath......The only PITA is when you use the performance is the fuel, i swear you can see the guage go down ;-)

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cheers for the post Dean. Ragussa green looks great. I think I'd have to go for "come and knick me" RS blue or matching polar silver.
Time to start scouring the small ads

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I'd considered one of these before I got my Scooby SportWagon but they all had over 100k on the clock and 90% were LHD. The RS Blue was always a little too much "in oyur face" colour so I started considering the RS4 instead. Difficult descision when you would love a 993 too but where to you store the skis, mountain bikes etc etc.

Happy Hunting!

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My mate, who lives in Madrid, has had two of them. (sadly just sold the 2nd) They were both fantastic cars. Very anonymous to all but the most clued up (neither was in the bright blue) one was silver, one was graphite, and both left hookers. I drove many miles in both, including Leicestershire to Madrid. Really practical/ comfortable car that went like the absolute clappers. The second one had a bit of extra 'tuning' done, and apparently was dyno'd in excess of 400 bhp.

Both did over 150k kilometres, which no problems of note... All in all a bloody fantastic car! I nearly bought the second one, but plumped for the 993 instead.

I have often seen RHD ones on Autotrader.

I reckon £15k needed for a spot on latish one.


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One of my worries about getting an rs2 would be how much use i'd then get from the 993. I'm off to Prague tomorrow - wonder if they're any cheap ones there to go for a blast. I never seem to have the time to look for cars over here and it would have to be the right one. Will & Dean - any further comments on running costs, tyre usage etc?


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