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Assistance required on values?

Simon Whitlam

New member
19 May 2004

New on the site! but a porsche owner from 1984 mainly early 911's currently have 944 trackday car in process of building (84 vintage) and a 911 SC targa 1979.

My question is what are the true values of porsches of these ages as views really do vary, is there a bench mark? for say a 1979 targa Sc sport spec GP white 100k good history p/p reg etc not mint but a true original car.....investment or sentence?

Have always hankered after a early Turbo 3.3 but initial cost have held me off buying my next dream, Are they still a good investment ?

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I reckon a 79 targa SC is worth about £8k and unfortunately is not an investment. Too many SC's around, targas are less popular than coupes (don't have the "pure lines", risk of leaking, less rigid chassis). White is also not a popular colour at the moment.

If you enjoy driving it then keep it, but I wouldn't hold on to it hoping it will increase in value. In fact, we are likely to see a turn in the value of "classic" 911's I reckon. The current market feels all too similar to the last boom in classic cars, and we know where that went.

Early Turbo 3.3's can be had for sensible money still but the are more expensive to maintain. More likely to hold its value than the SC targa but still not a "classic". Need to look to the early 70's "S" and "E" really, or the later 964 RS & 993 RS (both of which are now horrendously expensive)

Bottom line is don't buy cars as an investment. You might get lucky, but you probably won't.

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Hi James

Many thanks for the thoughts! i was beginning to think i was going mad still having a passion for porsche when two local valuers offered me less than 7k the pair 944 and 911 against a early 3.3...

Great website !!



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