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Ask me why I'm grinning

Pickled Piper

7 Aug 2004
No I have't bought one yet, but I had a long test drive in a 993 C2 manual today. Lovely car, I could definitely live with it . Here are my first impressions in no particular order, please feel free to confirm or contradict;

The interior is definitely something out of the seventies, but hey that's not why you buy a 993. The offset pedals and the driving position were very easy to get used to, gearshift was an absolute delight, the clutch and brake pedal required high efforts but were very precise. I very soon was confident enough with the controls to be changing up and down the box just for the hell of it. It sounds great when double declutching. I didn't get round to heel and toeing, maybe another time.

I drove the car well within my, and most definitely the cars, limits. The roads were wet and greasy so I was particularly careful. A couple of times the rear end felt a bit jittery whilst making progress on a windy road, almost as it had been upset by a bump in the road surface. The steering wheel provided a lot of feel to the point where it appeared to be bordering on a vibration.

Ride was quite firm, but not unacceptable for a sports car ( car had 18" wheels). Engine noise was enjoyable. Wind noise was high. I couldn't determine exactly where it was coming from. Performance was good, torquey, but quite docile until you hit 4000rpm, then yeehah. Didn't have an opportunity to get much above 85mph, although I did get up to that speed very rapidly on several occasions.

The standard seats were quite poor, with little suspension movement in the back, only foam compression and inadequate lumbar support. Maybe I could have played with the seat controls a bit more and found a more comfortable position.

The car was a pre Varioram model. Pretty much the spec that I wanted but didn't have air con. Could definitely have done with it as it got quite stuffy inside.

Oh yes, found what appeared to be a rust bubble on top of the sill. Is this typical for a 94 car?

Heart said buy it, but head said wait. It's the first car I've driven for any length of time and I'm in no great hurry, so I will probably hold out for one with AC.


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I'm no expert as I've only had my 993 for 18 months or so, and it's my first Porker too, so bear with me.

Toys: I'd get one with a/c no question. Apart from being more comfortable on days like today (warm, moist air plus heat soak from the engine can make it pretty sticky inside), you'll find it a lot easier to sell. I haven't noticed any performance degradation although I do switch it off when I really want max grunt.

Handling: I found the front end skittish at first but get used to what it's telling you and it's a filing cabinet of information about what the front wheels are doing. On bumpy roads you do have to drive the thing... The rear is way more sticky that I expected and, when nearing the limit, the suspension is so well sorted it telegraphs the approach of brekaway well in advance. Even then, there's loads more grip left than you think. Take it on a handling day which the moderator has promised he'd organise!

Performance: yup, 4k rpm is the point where things start to get interesting...

Good luck -- hope you find the right car! :)

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It will be hard to resell without aircon. I think you made the right choice.

I've heard of 993s rusting around either windscreen, but not the sill...(er...where's the sill?)

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Try a drive in car with 17" wheels, I am no expert, but I noticed a big difference when I was looking for my 993, (better ride, more responsive steering) and in the end was certain 17's were right for me.

I drive my 993 every day, on fairly bumpy back roads, and would say that used this way the suspension alignment needs to be checked fairly regularly - as does wheel balancing - balancing might account for the vibration you felt through the steering, as, properly sorted the wheel gives you loads of information, but not really vibration...

Echo all comments about keeping your wits about you on a bumpy road! - You can make very rapid progress but the car will be darting about rather than smoothing out the lumps - until you reach more serious speeds when it all gets more settled and smooth again.

I've had mine less than a year and have got nowhere near the car's limits on the road - despite having good fun trying! - Haven't taken it near a track yet...

Good luck with your search

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Thanks for the responses guys. I am homing in on the specification that I want. I'm definitely going to hold out for one with A/C.

Luke, I think I would prefer 17" wheels. The information that I have read ties up with your experiences.

Noony, the sill is the longitudinal structural member that runs along each side of the car, under the door. On this particular vehicle there was a rust bubble visible on the top surface when you had the drivers door open. Doesn't sound typical.


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Don’t let anyone convince you that aircon is a waste of time in a 911.

When I first made enquiries about buying a 911 I came accross adverts that said: ‘air conditioning fitted, assume it doesn’t work’. I did some asking around and there is no reason why aircon shouldn’t work very well if it’s been maintained.
And don’t we make a huge deal of fuss about our cars maintenance records?
My attitude is: ‘assume it had better work on a car that costs c£30k’

Another comment was that you don’t really need aircon in this country because it’s rarely warm enough to need it – rubbish.

I was also told that 911 aircon is not very efficient and makes very little difference to the temperature in hot weather - rubbish.

I have to say that my aircon works fine. Admittedly not as good as the climate control I had in my jaguar XJ8 but certainly worth having.

Rant over.

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I'd agree. Aircon is a must. Wonder if anyone else agrees, but I found aircon extremely useful in my 993 when it was damp / wet outside. Almost more useful in winter than summer.

My windscreen had a tendency to get misted up very easily - whether it was raining outside and I got into the car drenched or just generally in winter getting in the car with passenger and just breathing, the windscreen would fog almost straight away. Without using the aircon, it would take a long time top clear the mist, but power up the aircon and the fog goes superquick...nice dry air resulting in less time sitting with the engine idling - more time driving.

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Yeh I'd say air con is good to have too, esp if you've got dark interior. Just as long as you realise it's not as good/powerful as any modern small runaround. It's a 10 yr old car after all.

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Interesting chat, I'm just sorry I was away while you guys were exchanging thoughts.

Saw a lovely 993 Celebration on the way down to Revival meeting on Sunday. Not sure whether it was a dark metallic blue or black. It surprised me as I thought it was produced only in a limited edition light metalic blue. Have to get my Red Book out.

Not sure why anyone would buy a car without aircon when they are so readily available. You can always leave it off and I'm not convinced that the extra weight would be noticed by anyone who mainly drives on the road. My limited experience of the marque leves me to conclude that the cockpit heats up quite quickly and aircon is welcome all year round.

Low profile tyres will always increase the harshness of the ride because of the additonal reinforcement in the side walls. The reduced flexing should give better grip but at the expense of comfort, especially on UK back roads!

My 993 would be a Targa with two wheel drive, varioram and aircon. Sod the benefit in kind!

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Agree with all - get aircon. Very few did not have it, so owning a car without it would put you in the minority and thus harder to sell.

As for the driving, I've spun my 993 once (roundabout, no traffic, dirty bit of road, me being stupid really) and had the back out about 3-4 times, and although I caught it, it was scary as I wasn't expecting it. It can catch you out if you are not aware, and this was with fairly new P-Zero's.

As for the rusting on the sill, I've never heard of that there, and would check it out. Unusual I would say...

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Andy - talk us through the spin!

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