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Ashes are now back home!

Peter-John Michael

Well-known member
31 Jul 2006
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! 3-0!

As it turned out, I was at a Christmas party tonight and my sister drove the 996 home (myself in the passenger seat given the responsible consumption of a few drinks and not driving) and she managed to put a number of drivers of "lesser" marques to shame off a number of traffic lights - as you do.

The Aussies have won the ashes and I have managed to convert a new driver to the ranks of "wanting" 911 ownership - she might have to "trade in" the Holden (Opel) Vectra.

Hope your boys brought the "urn" over here with them!!!!

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I've had to watch the DVD of the Bodyline series today to cheer me up.

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Peter, gloating is not in the 911uk vocab!

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Now, now fellas, if your guys had won I am sure I would have got a different response!

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Not of anglo extraction! :twisted:

You are right though! It's funny the aussies of anglo extraction do get quite upset when you remind them of that point!

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me being a Jock couldn't see what all the fuss was about some burnt bits of wood...............so well done the Aussie's it gives the sassenachs one less thing to boast about :twisted: :wink:

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Well done PJ.

We were/are Sh*te. I stayed up to watch the final day and at one point thought we might see it out for a draw, but with Warney on fire and Geraint Jones being useless you deserved the urn.
And probably the series 5 and 0.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by Peter-John Michael on 18 December 2006


why is yer man on the right wearing make up ? :eek:

slip, slap, slop ? :wink:

Why are they holding up a mini bar sized bottle of Baileys?

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english cricket :evil:

at least they are consistent at losing match winning positons...

roll on the summer of 2008

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Ahhhh mate

Don't know what to say. Gutted.

Shane toooooo good. Should have retired from home games as well!!!!!! :wink:

Ah well at least there is now motivation to get them back!


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where are the fuc@ing mods when you need them, this topic should be closed to stop the Aussie faggots gloating!

btw, we are sh*te! :wink:

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at least i saved GBP 3K by cancelling my booking for the last two tests.

I am sure it would be a laugh, but I could not stand taking S*** from them convicts every day.

Close this thread - I am heartbroken.

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This is what happens when u let victory go to people heads,

Should have kept their feet on the ground when they won it last time,

Flintoff, not captain material

Aussies thoroughly deserve the victory

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