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Artic Silver '99 Carrera Coupe

Shalmanaser - £300 was install only, 2.5hr @ £100/hr +vat. I queried it and was told it had actually taken them 3hrs.

I had been planning to use Precision Porsche - DeMort was helpful during my purchase of the car. I tried to book it in with them and the earliest availability they had was 14th September, which wouldn't leave me much time to learn the car again before I take it up the hill at Classics at Prescott on 20th, so I went elsewhere.
300 seems excessive, though I suppose things could have been pretty well seized. It took me 2 hours to do both sides on mine on jackstands, and I did the inners and outers in one go.
Nothing much to report, it's running very nicely and getting lots of use. 2k miles in now.

I picked up some trim and fixings to replace missing or broken items this morning so will get them on the car later on.


I'm hoping for some news Monday on availability of the centre console delete trim/carpet. It is out of stock in Graphite Grey and a new manufacturer is currently being tested.
I've pushed the car a bit harder in the last few weeks since it was setup by Parr, and I'm not entirely happy with how it is behaving at the rear when getting on the power early particularly on imperfect surfaces. It doesn't feel predictable. I suspected the engine mounts, and ordered some RSS ones as they seem to be held in very high regard. The initial order was from Design911, who it turns out aren't expecting stock until the end of October we. JZM had some and got them on a next day courier for me, so I could fit them on before a planned trip to Classics at Prescott, now cancelled, during which I was meant to be driving up the hill climb.

I also had a long slow run out of London on Wednesday afternoon and on the M25 had what I thought was a transmission noise, particularly apparent off the throttle or after a big lift. I spoke to Sport and Classic on Thursday who said my symptoms weren't typical of the common pinion bearing failure, they suggested I take the car up so they can listen to the noise.

So I had a few days of worrying about a potential big bill, but decided initially to replace the engine mounts, change the gearbox oil and remove the polyinsert in the gearbox mount, the bits were due to arrive on Friday.

On Thursday I picked up some new plates, and nuts for the engine mounts and gearbox oil seals from Porsche Centre Tonbridge. Thursday evening I got the plates fitted, and removed the lower console to give my leg/knee more space. The Graphite Grey Centre console delete trim is still not available, so the interior is incomplete at present. There's a load of redundant audio kit wiring that was tucked behind the trim but I need to remove the dash to remove it, so that's on the to do later list as well!

Yesterday evening I got the engine mounts installed, which were simple enough. The mounts were completely shot and the engine sat about 20mm lower than it should.

Engine mount video (clip below)
996 shot engine mount

The car the wasn't anywhere near level so I have left the gearbox oil for another day, and I have realised the poly insert replaces the 'stop" each side of the mount, so I need to order those before I can remove that.

Never the less the engine mounts have made a massive difference to the way the car drives. Gone is the vagueness from the rear and the drone/resonance at about 4k rpm and on a 20miles drive last night I couldn't replicate the transmission noise. It may be the gearbox oil didn't get hot enough, or it was cv joints on the drive shafts due to the engine sitting low.

I've done some miles today taking some friends out in the car, and Steve
had a drive of it, he's only of only 3 people I feed completely happy being a passenger with in any car. He loved it, which was nice to see, and nice to be a passenger in the car.

His wife also come out separately, and was disappointed it wasn't as exciting as a bike engined Fisher Fury I used to have, more a problem of her expectation of the car, and perhaps my driving now being more sensible than I drove that 10years ago pre-responsibility and kids etc.

Gratuitous photo of the Fury:
OPC Tonbridge have let me know the centre console delete in Graphite Grey is now shown as no longer available.

I have ordered one in black (£108+vat from OPC), and will retrim that. I haven't yet decided what to re-trim it with, either some new carpet, or the carpet from one of my existing (non genuine and about to be replaced) floor mats which are very slightly darker. They're only being replaced because the drivers one doesn't fix so keeps moving around.

I have also ordered the trim for in front of the gear lever, the engine earth strap, and standard gearbox stops (part 3 below, to replace the poly gearbox insert)


I've got a spreadsheet for cost to date, it's not looking pretty! I'll add these last few bits when I pick them up and stick a summary up on here.
You're a bold man making a spreadsheet for car expenses! Much easier to handwave the costs away if you don't know what it all adds up to. Must be a big relief about the gearbox - mine is with S&C now and I'm not looking forward to that bill.

Just wanted to mention that I'm running carrera 3's on my car and I've found that they need a 7mm spacer on the front to bring them out to factory specs - as it is they're 7mm more tucked in. I chose to pop on some 15mm spacers to give them a bit more poke to match with the rears. I didn't see any mention of spacers so thought it might be useful info.

Edit: just seen you're aware of the wheel thing!
Yes I am aware of the offset difference, mine has 235 tyres on the front so the tyre is in about the right place which hides it I think. Did you find the spacers made a difference to the feel of the car when driving, or just aesthetically?

I have bought some 10spoke 17" wheels, and will get some winters fitted to them in the next couple of months. I was planning to put spacers on when I refit the 18s in the spring. I haven't found any 7mm with spigot yet though. I have considered 15mm to match the rear, but there isn't that much metal in a 15mm hub-centric so I'm still unsure. I may even wait for the fronts to wear out so I can refit 225s before deciding what spacers to go for.

I bought these hubcentric spacers and extended bolts that worked very nicely.

I've not been able to detect a change in the handling, but visually it looks a lot better. I did notice that at slow speeds with lots of lock on the front end felt like it would skip which has since gone away. However I went from fairly elderly 235s to new 225's and spacers at the same time so hard to figure out what fixed that
The car has been running nicely, though has developed an occasional noise (not severe enough to be described as a knock) over rough surfaces from the front. I am hoping this is drop links or ARB bushes, and not the coffins arms (which were changed 12k miles/7years ago) which would require doing the geo again.

The Graphite Grey Centre Console delete is now showing No Longer Available on the porsche system, so I have bought a black one. The carpet is glued on incredibly well, I am hoping warming it in the oven will aid removal to retrim. I got some new genuine floors mats at the same time as the previous one slid around the drivers footwell. I am probably going to use the carpet from the previous passenger mat to do the centre console, it is slightly darker than the standard colour though.

Having failed over a couple of weekends to find time to change the gearbox oil, today it went into a local garage to have that done. I had already bought the oil, and have gone for Fuch Titan Synth 75w90 which is GL4 & GL5 rated. Shifting is noticeably smoother when cold and the high speed/throttle lift whine seems to have gone from a 20mile test drive I did this evening, though that was most obvious when really hot after sitting in traffic for an extended period of time. It's looking good so far anyway!

Aware that I have spent a fair bit already, I totted up costs to date the other night :floor:

If this level of spend is maintained I will need to get something else to do the majority of my miles more cheaply. I have already got the bits for an interim oil service due in 1500miles, and am hoping the droplinks/ARB bushes and a major service in May will be the only other required expenditure remaining in my first year with the car :fingerscrossed:

A photo parked up after tonight's test run:
I think you'll see your average monthly spend come down now. I always find that I have a big lump at the purchase of a new car while I get it 'right' and then run with maintenance and minor/limited repairs only from then on.

That's particularly true of a car like yours which has done very low miles for a number of years and is brought back in to regular use. Based on the ARB links it's done ~1500miles a year - easy to ignore niggles when you're only in a car for that many miles!
I'm a fellow member of the 'car ownership spreadsheet club' Hugh and the level of detail you go into matches my own. :thumbs:

Your post prompted me to dig out my old 996 Carrera 4 file box. I owned my 2002 car for 3.5 years and did 10,800 miles in that time.

The final summary sheet shows.

Running costs: £5054.28
Tax, Insurance, MOTs: £2635
Petrol (based on ave cost per litre and ave mpg of 22mpg): £2804.55
Cosmetic improvements: £1179.46

The cost per mile worked out at £1.17

Sadly I bought my car in 2009 when 996s were still depreciating steadily and sold it when they were probably at their lowest value in 2012. Compounded by the fact that I bought it from a dealer and part-exd it to another dealer I incurred a very chunky £9,495 depreciation cost which pushed my total cost per mile up to £2.12.

I still considered the whole experience to be fantastic value for money and as you won't have to endure that depreciation pain I'm sure that you will too.

Good Luck :thumbs:
ndg said:
I think you'll see your average monthly spend come down now. I always find that I have a big lump at the purchase of a new car while I get it 'right' and then run with maintenance and minor/limited repairs only from then on.

That's particularly true of a car like yours which has done very low miles for a number of years and is brought back in to regular use. Based on the ARB links it's done ~1500miles a year - easy to ignore niggles when you're only in a car for that many miles!

I find the same.
Not much to report in the last month, another 1000 miles done and the only outlay has been a graphite grey centre console delete.

I got the centre console delete and Alex's SSK fitted yesterday. I'm not sold on the SSK yet, I think it is too weighty, but will try and lubricate the gearbox end of the mechanism incase that is effecting it.
It's been a while since I updated this thread, the car has been mostly fine, but is continuing to cost a considerable sum.

The voltage regulator died, frying the battery, headlight switch and all the headlight bulbs in the process. Swapping the regulator shouldn't be a problem, but the 2 screws holding it to the alternator sheered. I drilled out and retapped fine, but the other didn't shear level, and kept pushing the drill bit into the aluminium alternator body. So new alternator too, thankfully only £43 from eBay.

In the process I discovered a screw in the O/S front tyre too close to the sidewall to be repaired. It had 235wide tyres, so that was a pair new fronts in the correct 225. Also discovered that the headlight tray on the n/s, which holds the electrics socket was broken.

On the plus side, while pulling the dash apart to fit the new headlight switch, I did finally get around to relocating the vents in the drivers airvent, which were previously loose and rattly.

A few days after the Porsche issues, our Passat started leaking coolant through the water pump shaft, so we were carless. My wife has never understood the Porsche, verging on resenting it, but not having a second car working when hers was broken was clearly all my fault.

A decade or so ago I briefly had a Fisher Fury Fireblade, I have regretted selling it ever since. I was starting to have thoughts that perhaps the 996 should go for the sake of marital bliss, there is a lot of merit to the mantra: happy wife, happy life. I have resisted though, and instead ordered a Renault Zoe ZE50 so we have a modern, (hopefully) reliable vehicle, and which will pay for it's £201/month lease in the fuel and congestion charge savings alone.

For anyone wondering how the seemingly minor bits associated with running one of these can quickly add up, my costs spreadsheet below:


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