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Spridget racer

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24 May 2004
Does anyone have any views on the merits or otherwise of Armourfend? (It's a thin clear film of PU which protects paintwork and stops the car getting stone chips etc). Anyone had experience of it? Does it do the job and is it worth the money?



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Hi Richard,

I had it fitted by Armourfend on my 993 last yr. It was so good I got SmartGuard (same stuff but cheaper) fitted on my wife's 5-series. It's already safed them from 2 massive stone chips. It's always better to replace the plasticfilm than to respray! You can hardly notice it other than the bonnet piece.

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mmm I think it may depend in the colour of the car.

I have a courtesy Boxter in Black and it has a clear plastic protection on the front and mirrors and looks bad.

OK so it has probably been abused by all that have used it as the front is now flat but still for me I think its OTT. If I were collecting a car and drving it for 1000's miles home of miles home then maybe (as the Yanks do) but for me this stuff on the Boxter takse the edge off the looks and finish etc.

Maybe its different stuff though ???

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I guess it won't look so good on dark colours, but then anything including dirt and chips will look more obvious on dark colours. The film is less shiny than the paint work, but not too bad on my silver cars.

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looks sh*te on black cars

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Anything other than perfect shine looks sh*t on black cars! :D
Don't understand how you keep you car looking so good!

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I had my Ocean Blue 993 done soon after buying it a year and a half ago. It's true that the plastic film is not quite as shiny as the bare paintwork, but it has definitely saved the car from stone chip damage and I'm glad I had it done. You can see the line across the bonnet if you look for it, but it's not that noticeable. If you do have it done it is important that the paintwork is in good condition, because any marks or badly touched in stone chips will show up under the film.

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I have it on my 97 - 993 which is ocean blue metalic it has been on it since the product came on the market / when the car left the showroon, it has started to go a bit yellw now and needs replacing but it has saved the paint an incredible amount of times, I am about to sell the car and it will be a positive as the paint work is A1 below it.

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Hi Guys

I have just posted a thread called Paint Protection Film 101 to address these kind of questions.

Hopefully you will find it useful

Best Wishes



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