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Armourfend or Paintshield?


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15 May 2002
I would be interested to hear of anyone's experience of either the above. Do they offer the same service? Are the prices the same? Are there any other companies in this field?


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Not sure about Paintshield but we have used Armourfend and Smartguard (Ad in 911&PW but no web site), both use same product (3M) but Smartguard slightly cheaper and the chap can come to your place to install, whereas Amourfend won't.

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have armourfend on the front on mine..

I would say a must if you are tracking.. but I didn't bother with the bonnett, as I'm relying of layers (yes layers) of zymol to keep that stone chip free... as opposed to the more direct impact front...

as it's the bonnett that gets these products the most negative opinion !

they can fit armourfend at your place as long as you have a garage...

then if you wax on top, it looks less likea plastic film....!

in view of stone chipped 993's I have seen.. it is a must.. or for any new car.... but don't do the bonnet if you have good wax !

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I did'nt realise wax could protect you from stones flying toward you at 100+mph, or is dilithium crystal powered. Shields at full strength, aye aye Captain :)

Agree about the bonnet as you end up with a line across it that is very apparent. Also make sure they apply the film right up to the edges, or again it can become noticable.

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rather the reduced angle of the bonnet with some layers of zymol's finest would be enough to resist stone chips ! i.e. impact is not head on and zymol will do the rest.....

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I've had Armorfend on two 993's both dark blue cars. The first had it on the bonnet as well as the bumper etc and while the bonnet line did notice a bit, I got no stone chips. My current car has it on the bumper and the mirrors but not the bonnet. There is no line on the bonnet, but I've got stone chips. You just don't know what to do for the best...

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Thanks guys

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Hi Guys if it helps you in deciding on whether to put film on your car we fit film to Carrera Gt's for Porsche Reading and also have done their Press fleet of Cayennes which they have been "trenching" now that we have done the sides of the cars as well.

You can now get this done nationwide at your dealerships, if you ask for it by calling Us, and have your baby protected before it leaves the forecourt. I have some great pics of the GT3 car which we protected at the daytona 24 hour race recently if someone can give me a tip as to how to upload pics (IT DUMMY) I would be really grateful.



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NOt a decision anyone has to make now have a look at this


Full Bonnet and Full wings for a 911 :) we are doing the same for The Boxster and Cayman, No more nasty line across the middle of the bonnet :) No more line on the wings

We got fed up of Porsche owners beating us up about the damned line. We will be offering these in the UK from 3 weeks time (Price to be determined)



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How much is the 911 set, Tom?

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HI I won't sell on the forum ( Might get Banned) :) however give me a call at the office tommorrow and I can run up a price for you (Still calculating the cost of this)

Best Wishes


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Hi This is what the new full coverage Kits look like on the car (Our newest design) there are no lines on the Bonnet and wing ends basically whole car is covered from the a Pillar Forward :)

These Cannot be done mobile and must be done at a quality installers premises or quality dealer environment, but worth the effort I hope you agree :)

This is the first time this has been done on a mass production basis in the Industry (Certainly in Europe anyhow)



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Tom, i would love to see that picture in a larger size, can it be found on a website? Also, how much shine would be lost on an arctic silver car?

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HI If you give me an email address I will send you a slightly bigger version :)

The new film (SGH) from 3M has an almost wet look gloss so there is no loss of shine if anything you will need to wax the car properly to bring it up to the films standard :)



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Hi I think this answers the gloss question perfectly this is completely covered full wings full bonnet bumper note the reflections of the building opposite in the film surface, really how much glossier can it be :)



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