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Are my pccb's on the way out?


9 Jun 2010
As per the title really, probably bit hard to tell from the pics really;
Front Left (Passenger)

Front Right (Drivers)
In the second picture the rotor looks heavily pitted but the 1st pic looks ok. Take a picture and post it up of the wear marker within the rotor. I can only assume once the rotor has lost its smooth finish then the rate of wear accelerates massively. Maybe time for steel replacements unless you won the lottery recently :thumb:
They are starting to delaminate I am afraid. Don't go on track with those discs.
Time to go for good old steel rotors !!! :D . Plenty of choice out there : Performance friction ( in Banbury I think), DBA are very good and excellent value for money, Alcon is top quality and top dollar too, Girodisc.
2 pieces rotors for the front , for the rear 1 piece rotor is good enough.

Happy shopping !!!

I hate those pccb ........... :evil:
When you take them off inspect the heads of the pins on the inside of the disc , sometimes they do snap off due to corrosion . Also very often you can see an air line crack around each pin heads on the inside. No wonder why some of them just blow up on track.....
Stuart said:

For some reason im not allowed on that page, dont know why as im a member :frustrated:

Anyway, cars going in on Friday and while i may have left it abit late, is there anything else i should look to do, ie would changing to cup brake ducts work (or have i misread that wrong), i need a new horn as ones stopped working - any recommendations on another?

This is a non-specialist Pork garage, so JZM will still be looking after it but the place i go charges 2/3rds the labour rate of JZM so...
rpmtechnik are good 8)
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