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Anyone using Dunlop SP Sport 9090 ?


New member
17 Sep 2004
I've seen a lot of mention of Pirelli Rossos, Conti Sports and Michelins, but has anyone got the Dunlop SP Sport 9090 on their pre-2002 996 or on their 993 ?

What is that tyre like in comparison to the Pirelli or Michelin, in case you have experience with both ?


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I had a set of 18" Dunlop 9090s on a BMW 328Ci. Awful tyres! Slightest kerbing caused chunks of sidewall to rip off. About £180 each and the rims weren't even marked. I've heard of sacrificial disks but didn't think tyres were supposed to do that.....

Are they N4 rated?

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They're N0, but listed by Porsche as approved for pre-2002 911s (Carrera 2 and 4).

I was testing a C4 recently that had a new set of these, and the car just seemed twitchy. This was on a motorway as well, and while the surface was not completely dry, and it was fairly windy, I thought that a C4 should feel better planted than that...

I was just wondering if it was me, as a C2 I tested a couple of weeks previous (both 1999 cars, and both LHD), felt a lot more sure. That one had Pirellis on, but it was a dry day, sunny day.

I still would've expected the experience to have been the exact opposite...


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