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Anyone own a Mini SD ?


18 Nov 2014
Hi All,

I'm looking to look to chop my 5 Series in for a Mini - I'm just not doing the mileage in my Daily Drive...

Anyone got a Mini SD - I'm bewildered with the amount of extras and what is worth getting !!- looking at a 2015 ish model.

My wife has owned two, originally a Countryman All4 and now a Clubman which is a 2016 model, she loves them and to be honest they've been extremely reliable.

Both of ours were bought as approved used from Mini, it's also worth considering a petrol Cooper S which my daughter has, much quicker and still pretty good on fuel.
I'd get a MINI Cooper S petrol manual with three doors as that'll feel the most Mini-like, small, pointy, and quick - if you're not doing a lot of miles, I'm not sure why you'd want the diesel, even if it is a punchy unit.

There are a bunch of options but on a MINI I'd say you just need to get the right combination of external colours (including roof and mirrors), internal colour (and maybe leather) and modest rims without run flats. If you go excessively large, you ruin the ride.
..I had a 2020 cooper...don't now...

...awful thing...terrible ride,cramped ,shocking mpg and impractical etc,etc.

...I actually and genuinely preferred driving my daughter's 15 yr old honda jazz!

...don't know how BMW got it so wrong? Style over substance...
We have a '64 Mini Cooper S. The dash display/stalk control for settings, TPMS, service intervals and warnings etc. seems to be straight from the E90 BMW - fiddly to navigate. I would choose the decent infotainment system option because even if you don't need it all, it makes it all easier to use. And makes use of the massive speedometer for screen display.
I have a 2015 F56 Cooper SD and I have to say it is fantastic :lol:

Mine has every extra except the HK stereo, sunroof and front sensors. The fit and finish of the interior trim is excellent and 5yrs in it has been trouble free, except for a EGR valve that went faulty (occasionally stuttered on take off) and I got a chum to fit one for £100.

You can add a power box to remap them but to me for a daily driver its more than powerful enough. Plus it returns 60+mpg easily :thumb: 60k miles in and drove it to Southern Spain a few years back.

My only gripe is the 18" wheels are too big and the run flat tyre combo do not give it the best ride - tyre noise more than anything. I usually run the suspension in comfort but I think 17" are the best option. I'd also add that the electric steering can feel a little 'numb' lacking some feel but in 'Sport' when everything tightens up (including your ball sac) it holds the road like shite to a blanket.

Sat Nav is brilliant and I can update the maps for £20. Even now out of the 5yrs service package the last service at BMW was very reasonable.

Head Up Display, Heated seats, adaptive cruise are worth having. Getting the last part of the chassis number you can check online what extras the cars have



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