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Anyone in Leicester with Porsche mechanical knowledge fancy meeting up? Fault P0021


New member
4 Feb 2019
I have a 997.1, fault p0021 cam timing over advanced with a generic reader and my car is knocking at idle but goes away when RPMs increase. No engine warning light. Is anyone in Leicester and fancy meeting up, ideally if you have a computer to check the cam timing or are mechanically knowledgable. Any help much appreciated. Im worried the chain may have jumped a tooth.

All the Porsche specialists are booked up. I was hoping to go down Cornwall this weekend on holiday in the car

Any help welcome
This P00021 fault occurs when camshaft timing activation is inhibited. There are several reasons that this fault could occur but the most common reason is blocked oil flow into the variable cam sprocket.

and then this thread https://911uk.com/threads/fault-code-p0021-timing-issues.42688/

DME 7.8


Position of Camshaft in Relation to Crankshaft, Bank 2
– Below Limit

Diagnosis conditions
• Idle speed
• Reference mark recognized
• Engine speed between 600 rpm and 1200 rpm.
• Engine temperature greater than 40 °C
• No fault in camshaft position sensors
• Reference mark OK
• No fault in camshaft adjustment
• No fault in engine temperature
• No fault in camshaft adjustment output stage
Possible fault cause
♦ Allocation of camshaft to inlet camshaft incorrect
Affected terminals
This fault is stored if the engine was disassembled and the allocation of the camshaft to the inlet camshaft was
incorrectly set.

Work instruction Display OK If not OK
1 Set camshafts ♦ To adjust the camshafts, please
refer to the 911 Turbo (996) or
911 Carrera (996)
Thank you 911UK, yes I looked at that, I did have p0011, I pulled the camshaft sensor and solenoid on bank 1, cleaned them and that fault went away, but the fault then switched to P0021 bank 2. Bank 2 are harder to get at, I pulled the solenoid cleaned it, didn’t help, not been able to get to the bank 2 camshaft sensor. Ideally need a computer which can read the positions.

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