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Anyone had dealings with this company?


2 Feb 2005

I have arranged to go and view 2 993's this coming weekend at
which is a used porsche site in Kent (well mostly porsche).

Just wondering has anyone brought or been involved with them? are they any good ?

Dan :|

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This dealer is on my door step but never seen more that 2/3 porkers in there at any given time.

Looks quite respectable though.

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Thank you for the reply... have you seen the web site ?

It looks like there are loads of 993's

Cheers again.Dan

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I was at selltop today 4 boxsters, 4 993's one cab a targa and two coupes, 2 996 cabs. and a load of bmws....



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Cheers Clive,

Anygood ?

Is it worth the 2 hour drive ? (hope you did not buy one of the 993's i am gonna look at!)

Dan :D

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Of course for those that hadn't realised, Clive is Selltop Cars!

Buying any used car is not without risks and an independent inspection of a Porsche is a must, especially if you are as "green" as me. :oops:

I bought my car from Clive and to be candid, could have bickered over a few bits and pieces after delivery but can say that once we had agreed a price for the car (and I hate haggling) he carried out the repairs recommended by the inspector within the price. He also supplied a warranty that did actually pay out on a recent failure saving me £600 of my own money.

Of course I've thrown a "fortune" at the car since but that was my choice and not because I was sold or bought a dud.

I'm under no illusions that Clive is trader and therefore, like any of us, trying to make as much money as he can but think all in, I was happy in my dealings with him. And I absolutely love the car 8)
and would consider buying another from him (but not at £48K for a turbo4 Clive!). :)

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Hi Antony glade to see your car is fine. I have moved too a garage now, more cars and more staff. bigger over draft but still having fun. Have a look at front page of web site... :D
Glade that warranty still working.

Dan which car did you like ???

Talk to you soon



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Just some food for thought. everything matters.

Colour : First thing you need to buy a colour you like. if you like white then buy a white car but it needs to be cheep.. silver and black are the best selling colours at the moment, so they cost more money. Simple A

Mileage: well this is a point you need to think not how many miles my car has on it now but ho many miles it will have on it when I sell it . ie 98,000 miles today isnt so bad but in two years time when you have covered 20000 miles more it now 118,000 so it something you will have to think about.

good luck

Hope to see you


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Thank you Clive,

I have seen the green one you have C4, up at £27000 ish !!

Can you tell me about the service history on the car, I have arrange a friend to bring me to your showroom this weekend, but am waiting for him to confirm before i call to arrange to make an appt. with you.

I am in no rush to get one, and want to right one, up to £27-29k..

Look forawrd to your reply.


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This one...

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe 3600

First Registered: 1 Jan 1996

"N" Registration

65,000 Miles


This car has been fully inspected. Any items that need attention are addressed and the price includes a warranty and full valet prior to delivery.



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Check your private messanger if you haven't already done so.

Have you checked the classifieds in 911world, gtone and porsche post as there are quite a few cars available.

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Hi Daniel

The car is Met Black just my bad photos. :oops:

Full OPC history.

Very nice car


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Hi Clive

Are you by any chance the Clive that used to buy Porsche for Mark Sumpter at Paragon Porsche ?

If you are, I used to work for Steve Coles albeit for a short time.



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yep Thats me

X manager at paragon. over 2 year a go now

You still dealing in Porsche.


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I have bought two cars from Clive (www.selltop.com) you will find Him a very nice chap to deal with.

Good luck with buying your new car.


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