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Anyone going to Goodwood tomorrow ??


1 Jan 2007
As I have not been near the cars for over a week I could be tempted

What's the theme
Would be good for a catch up but cant make it tomorrow. Isnt it nearly Fairmile time again?
I think I might give it a go. By coincidence took a drive out towards Arundel and Chichester today, so probably about an hour and a bit from home.
clinchy993 said:
As I have not been near the cars for over a week I could be tempted

What's the theme

I'm going, Jap Day.
I will be at Pease Pottage services at 7am.
Not many nice Sundays, I'm making the most of every nice weekend this year, I doubt there will be many.
Typical - the SpecB picked up a bolt in the front tyre today, so I've three wheels on my wagon, and the interior looks like Glastonbury (how do woman let the interiors of cars get so dirty is beyond me) so IF I razz down there early (to get back in time for Rugby) I'll be in the old German thing and they'll make me park in a field.

Fairmile sounds better :thumb: but I might go for the drive through Sussex in what will be a stunning sunny morn.
Well, it was a lovely day for a drive. The sun somehow managed to stay visible all morning and we saw the temperature go from 0 to 10 :thumb:

However, it was the most uninspiring breakfast club I've ever attended. There were about six classic Jap cars that were truly lovely but for the rest of the event I may as well have been down my local Tesco car park on a Saturday night. It was scooby and evo city. Scoobies with lambo doors, LEDs, neons. A bit too max power for my liking. To top it off, the jobsworths serving the breakfast insisted I could only have either scrambled or fried even though I hadn't had a mushroom (filthy things, you see). I asked for another dollop of beans instead but when I caught up with the rest of the guys I had exactly the same amount as they had.

Do not deprive a man from a good breakfast, especially if you're gonna charge him a tenner for it.

Anyway, with that grump over I am looking forward to the next one. Hopefully with a more appealing theme?

Oh, as I was leaving I spotted another 993 so I went over to say hello. It was a silver targa in lovely condition. It turned out to be fellow forum member chrisredhead, so :wave: if you are reading this.
I went this morning. Not been to one before, so wasn't sure what to expect ( or how to spot forum members). Bit like yourself, not much to inspire apart from some old Z Datsuns. I parked in the field and there was more in there. Fantastic morning to be out in the car though. Left The circuit at about 10.30. Had a look at what is coming up, and I think the one in June is doffing its cap to the 911. Might even register for that one. I think May is the 'soft top' event- does a targa qualify as a soft top?
I agree, perfect morning, in fact probably the best Sunday so far this year.
The only thing that was interning was half a dozen 240/260Z Datsuns, and a lovely Honda 800. Only one old RWD Toyata Corolla. I hoping to see maybe an original boxy Mit Lancer 2000, I expect they've all fallen apart from rust. Not even a Sunny GTiR. Too many MX5, Evos and scoobys.
Still a good drive out and back.
Got me thinking on the way home, about the owners that moan, about not using their P&J enough, well if todays weather wasn't enough to get your arse out of bed early, then I'm not surprised. :D
Hi Sram, nice to meet you, sorry we had to rush off, my pal was under threat from his better half to get back for a lunch party, perhaps catch up with you at The Fairmile.

Another friend had the blue GTR wihich he has upgraded to 700hp!
Is that even legal?

Great drive down from Epsom, I love the A29..roll on the next one!

Took my young daughter in the p and j . It was my first breakfast club
I tried last year ended up queuing for 2 hours (supercar Sunday ) thought the same as most of you it was ok but great to get out in the sun.
Whose was the L plate silver 993 near the crossover from the car park to the track it had a roll cage. :dont know:

Got back to the car usual windscreen covered in advertising c*** jammed into my windscreen wipers wish they'd just leave my car alone !!! Sorry bit grumpy I'd just polished the car :evil:

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