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Anyone fancy a meet?


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14 Jan 2003
Hi Guys,

I posted something along similar lines a while back and there seemed to be a pretty good response to organising a meet. Hopefully within the next couple of months we should start to get some nice weather, so it would be great to catch up with you guys, put some faces to the names and generally talk 911.

Is anyone up for a meet & a blast in May? Location to be decided. 8)

Cheers - James

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Nice one Sarbs! Definately looking forward to meeting J-LO!! :lol:

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Back off James, J-LO is a one man lady! :D

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Sounds good. I'm up for some of that. I'll keep an eye on this topic for the place & date.

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I'm up for a meet, somewhere where's there's no traffic lights, speed camera's and police - France?

Now which car should I bring the 993 or the 996?

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I'm up for it name the place - midlands could be a good compromise, but not phased really.


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Johnny, the midlands would be an ideal first choice, best to make it as central as possible to everyone on the board.

Any suggestions for when? What about sometime on the second bank holiday weekend which I think is the 24-26 May.

Cheers - James

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I'll need to hire a trailer if were gonna meet in the midlands J-lo's not doing motorways! :oops:
And as for wives johnny, im disappointed you would suggest such a thing! (tut tut, with a general shaking off the head)!

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Sarbs- you can get to Donington the fun way- across the Strines & down thru Derbyshire.....,over the tops....Ladybower, Hathersage, Grindleford,Via Gellia , and keep on going!

Not a motorway in sight and not many cameras either!

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sarbs - not suggesting bringing the missus - making sure where all clear its not that kind of Gig. If your scared of taking J-lo on the motorway I'll take the wheel for you :twisted:

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Rushjob - not sure J-lo is welcome in hathersage anymore I live nearby, she's made two visits and was frowned upon both times... so its a sleepy village where people live peaceful lives, does that mean I have to turn the sports exhaust off at 7am? NO? Exactly my feelings! Hathersage my arse! :twisted:

Johnny - Was worried for a minute, if my missses thought she was coming I'd have to buy a porsche picnic hamper! Will be bringing two friends one with a 996 c2 and hopefully my friend at porsche who should have his cayenne turbo by then 8)

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Would I offend anyone if I turned up in an Exige?! :oops:

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25th May is "Porsche in the Park" at Castle Howard, followed by a Specialist Cars organised trackday at Elvington on Bank Holiday Monday - £99 +vat. Includes 4.5 mile circuit, standing 1/4 mile and maximum speed test on runway!! Sounds good to me.....


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