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Anyone else got a Sony Ericsson P800


14 Jan 2003
Hi Guys,

Way off topic!

I've had my SE P800 PDA/Mobile for about 6 months now, and I've only just started to buy some new applications for it - What a superb bit of kit! Completely does away with the need for Seperate PDA's and Mobiles - Well worth the cash!


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Thats good to hear

My firm is about to kit me out with one to replace my mobile and Reuters news pager. They tried the microsoft/orange SPV but decided it was pants. As with all this stuff though, it'll be prehistoric in a couple of months


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James, you surprise me. The Sony Ericsson phones I have used (only 2 admittedly) have absolutely sucked - slow to use, poor menu systems, poor reception, poor reliability (I had 5 replacement T68i handsets!). Personally, I think I'd rather stick with my Palm Tungsten.

Perhaps they have raised their game? They need to, they are losing money had over fist, I understand.

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I think that the major difference between the T68 and the P800 is Sony! Yep, the T68i was labelled Sony Ericsson, but it was still the Ericsson software that was running it and I have to agree, that it was slow etc etc etc.

I've used Sony phones for the last few years and they're briliant and the P800 is no exception. I ditched my iPaq for it and I'm well chuffed!

Still, this is only my opinion.

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Get yourself a Bluetooth car kit as well, they're great. If you buy a SE one, then you'll need to buy an adaptor to run the call through the stereo speaker - Excellent!


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Fair point. I'm all for gadgets so perhaps I should go and have a look at a P800 (although I need to get some more mileage out of my Tungsten first!)

One thing that has always held me back from integrated phone/pda is sometimes I don't need a pda but I want a phone. Do you find that the P800 is a bit big to sit comfortably in your pocket if you are going to the pub etc?

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That is it's one downfall! However, if you take off its keypad (and use the on screen one, which most people do) it's actually not a great deal bigger than a T68!

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BTW, you may be able to tell that I love my P800! :p

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Note to Mr Ball - if you really like your Tungsten and you do decide to go for a pda/phone combo in the future, Palm have just launched the Tungsten W which takes a Vodafone SIMM. 02 and Orange ones are on the way as well.

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I've got a t68i as my own phone any how. For bluetooth, are you talking about the sony ericsson headset? as I was thinking of getting one

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There is a headset Hendo, which I've also got, but there is also a full on Car Kit. It's great, because it's open to use by any Bluetooth phone!

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Strange Kiwi lass (what happened to vowels when english got over there???) has just dropped my new p800 in my lap. I've toyed for a few minutes and it is a rather nice piece of kit. Although blue again, it hasnt quite got the hairdresser shinyness of the T68i. Software seems to very rapid, and finally got some sync disks at last. I could never get anyone to send me those just being a phone owner. Right, I'm off to play some more.


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Nice one, drop me your e-mail address on a PM and I'll ping you some software and links!

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Having no clue what a PM is, how about
[email protected]

I'm off for the next 10 days as my daughters are now finished school. I'll be back 6 August

Cheers sir

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