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Any Computer Wizards here ?


21 Mar 2015
Last few months and pretty much this site only .. win 7 desktop computer ..

I find this site doesn't fully load with many sections blank , i have to refresh upto 5 times to get the full page to load .. i've tried Microsoft edge but that whilst not as bad does the same thing.

Cleared cookies , cache etc , general cleanup with glarys but still the same ..

Any ideas ?

Its getting tiring shall we say .
Could try Chrome or a Chrome based browser like Brave.

Assume you are sure there isn't a virus/malware or something hogging resources? Malwarebytes will help with that.

Assume plenty of free space on HDD? If not maybe backup or delete anything not wanted.

More memory always helps assuming not already max'd out.

More involved options would be fresh install of the OS or fitting an SSD but you might as well buy something new for all the hassle involved.
i'm using chrome atm . memory is fine as i've checked the free amount and i have 8 gb in total .

Virus is fine , i have a couple of different systems and this isn't really a virus issue .. the screen seems to stop loading before it actually has loaded ..

Internet connection .. well im on 1 GB so it's not that ..

Hdd is already ssd and plenty of space .. basically it seems like a bitch of an issue .. it's like the connection drops out before the screen has fully loaded .. i have to refresh to do another load .. sometimes upto 5 times ..

I also have at times .. the hexadecimal loading .. or the coding for the page displayed.

kinda asking in desperation atm as it's a hell of a pain to keep refreshing just to see this site .

Windows file check .. pretty much ok from a boot point of views as it says nothing wrong .. done via windows and it does say some files might not be correct .. that could be down to programs installed though but it can't fix them .

if i literally have to go back to a full reinstall then im offline for awhile as i dont have the time to do this ...

Hence i was wondering if this rings a bell with anyone so that i could do a quicker fix .

Pretty much the same as any Car post lol .

Thank you for the answers though .. i appreciate it .
Might sound odd but have you restarted your router?

We had exactly this - well, not the 911uk site - on Thursday with a colleague and generic sites like BBC news.

Worked fine after that though I'm still not 100% sure that was the cure!
Hi mate,

Have you considered an upgrade of the OS to Win 11, or are you running legacy software that requires Win 7?
If no other websites do this it could be that your browser (chrome) has 'cached' some of 911uk's site. You can clear the cache for one site but pressing control + F5 whilst on said site.

Otherwise it could be down to random glitches on 911uk's backend.
Gentleman , can i just say thank you very much for all the help .. i didn't expect to get a reply to be honest but to have so many is excellent .

Solution has been found but very strange i only have issues with just this one website ..

P9XX messaged me and one of his points was 2 virus checkers is not a good idea .. Firewall , virus check then another virus check .. well this website just don't like that .

A while back i installed Acronis to sort out some Hard drives and do some backups .. i wanted a clone of my C drive on ssd .. i had one on Hdd but that's a bit slow .

Well i didn't realise till a while later that Acronis has its own virus checker .. i already have one but didn't realise 2 would cause this issue ..

I spent about a week messing around with Acronis so didn't put 2 and 2 together at the time ..

Acronis virus checker turned off .. website is back to normal :thumb:

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