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Another 993 Wannabe

Pickled Piper

7 Aug 2004
Hi everyone,

I discovered the forum some weeks ago in my quest for a 993. I have browsed / searched and come up with lots of usefull information. I've found the ownership experiences posted by members the most interesting as I have some concerns still about how much of a liability the car is going to be ie. will it attract vandals and envy lines? and also how practical is it to keep it in a driveway? as I have run out of garage space.

I would be very interested to hear any comments about the above.

Also, are there any meets or anything similar in the West Midlands tha I could attend?



Edited because I am easily confused by the numbers.

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Do you mean 993 or 964?

I don't think it attracts any more vandals than any other high performance/nice cars, I park mine on our driveway and take it to supermarket, cinema, pubs and even Wacky Warehouse without any problem so far. We frequently go on family trips/holidays with it carrying everything we need including our young child. You'd be amazed how much you can carry! There are not that many high performance cars which you can carry your family around, go to work through all the traffic jams, then take it to a track to give it some thrashing and then drive home again as if nothing has happened.

Ecstasy without agony.

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Whoops! I did mean 993. post edited now.

Cheers Butzi,

It's just what i wanted to hear. I have two children, 3 and 1 years old. Funnily enough I was at a Wacky Warehouse last week and I did actually think to myself "would I bring a Porsche here?". It sounds like you are using your car the way I intend to use mine. I personally think it's a shame to keep a good car locked in a garage for dry week ends.

OK, the Wife is now 90% convinced. I've got the Peter Morgan book. Dropped in to a local independant to have a chat and look over some cars. I think I'm going to go for C2 RHD with Air Conditioning. I've still got loads of research to do. Any other comments would be welcome.


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The standard 70L fuel tank will give you more space in the boot than the optional 90L tank. Child seat at the rear for 1yr old will need to have the seat belt changed to a longer one, but just buy one youself and fit it youself, it's very easy and OPC charge you a bomb for it.

Might want to look into changing the shocks, as the original ones don't last, or at least have the suspension alignments checked by someone like JZ, it makes a world of difference to the handling. The car is very sensitive to tyres/alignments change.

Good luck, looking forward to seeing you in one of those track days! :D

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Bought my 993 C2 last October and have used it as an everyday driver since then - I bought a Porsche child seat from a mate with a 964 which doesn't need the longer belt, but haven't been able to find another one (also have 2 kids 1 & 3 yrs old!)

We normally use my wife's car for load lugging, shopping and family trips away etc - but I've done plenty of emergency runs to Tesco's etc without being victimised by the envy brigade

And in the meantime I've had the time of my driving life!

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Cheers guys,

Wife is now 99% convinced on the basis that I will let her drive it. I'm going to be looking at a couple over the next few weeks.

I think the money I want to spend will get me a 1995 C2.

This could be a childhood dream about to come true.


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Mine was also a Daily Driver + was parked on street with no problems. But choose you colour carefully: My beautiful Midnight Blue became Nightmare Blue to keep it looking good. I would definately go Polar/Arctic Silver next time.

BTW, Luke I have Porsche Prince in the "For Sale" section if you are interested!

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Join Porsche Club GB becasue even if you are not inclined to join in, there is no better co-ordinated source of information. They also produce Porsche Post that has an Aladins cave of adverts for all Porsche models and suppliers in the back.

The groups within the club are called registers and there is bound to be one for the 993 or any variant. The Registrar will give you a lot of help and advice and put you in touch with the area representative for your region.

I found these people and the information EXTREMELY useful in choosing my car. It's £50 well spent in my view (plus the cost of a professional inspection on any car you buy) considering the amount of hard earned you are going to spend.

Have fun!

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