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American SC cat options


New member
12 Nov 2013
Dear All,

I have an 83 SC with a cat (originally a US supplied car) and wanted to ask the mechanically minded of you ('cause I'm not) what my options are. Car runs well (if a bit of a struggle to settle on cold start up) but I can't resist the urge to get a bit more muscle out of it without going into major mods etc. Is it just a straight take-off the cat operation? Is it slightly more complex than that? Or is it a new muffler too?

Well Vonbenski, it's clear from your post that really know nothing about cars. If you take the cat off (meow) there'll be a gap between the engine and manifold and the last part of your exhaust (muffler), so you'll need to put something there and I don't think a bit of garden hose will do the job.
It's also clear that if 22 people have seen your post and no one has bothered to reply then they either think a) you're a muppet, b) you've got a strange username and are best avoided, c) = a) + can't be bothered to explain basic car mechanics to someone who is clearly not worthy of this site. Sorry.

I think you might need what seems to be named a 'Euro Premufler'. There seem to be a number of manufactures, M&K being one. Not sure of a source in the UK but maybe speak to some of the parts suppliers advertising here and they may be able to source one for you.

my dad has a 82 911 and i bought a europremuffler cat bypass pipe from fabspeed (a real bang for the buck). it was really nice stainless steel piece and it came with a lifetime warranty which really had me sold. they had it in stock so i got it right away. check that out
Thanks Guru.
I was at Autostrasse yesterday (my local Porker experts) and they said quite frankly "don't bother mucking about, you're cat is in good condition and if the car runs well (which it does) don't bother fiddling around with things until you really need to.
That, combined with the fact that it is now dawning on me how much everything costs on these cars + labour and V.A.T., has made me think that for 10 extra horsepower I should suppress the boy racer aspect of my character and revel in the originality of my motor.

Appreciate your reply though - I've looked at the Fabspeeds and the Dansks etc...mmm, one day perhaps.[/img]
well if you do decide to go the fabspeed route the guy i talked to over there is AJ hes a good guy shoot him an email and see what he can do for you [email protected]. anytime i need anything he usually helps me out

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