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Am I missing a screw/bolt??

Space Cadet

20 Jan 2022
Underneath the rear parcel shelf there are a couple of metal shelves that have relays etc attached to the underneath.

The two shelves are held down to the chassis by at least five 10mm nuts that screw down onto threaded posts sticking upwards.

In the middle area on each side of the two shelves though there are two sunken areas with small holes that I would presume fit over some more threaded posts (possibly missing) or may be are there for screws to screw down through.

Only problem is whatever is meant to be there is missing, can anyone please help and advise what is meant to be there..?



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That's where there should be the main support brace for the rear of the chassis. It stops the car from snapping in 2!!!

Only kidding. I've just looked at a few photos and they all look like that.
Thanks Alex, just seen your VERY small response.

I had a Google myself but couldn't see any close-ups.

There is a plastic frame/arm below those two metal shelves which have two long cylindrical holes in them directly below the two holes in the shelves - as if logically they're there to accept a screw or like I thought maybe a threaded bar.

I just assumed threaded bars would screw into the holes in the plastic frame below and then the metal shelves would then bolt down onto the bar.

As it is they're just flapping about a bit, cant understand why they wouldn't be fixed down....? Very un-Porsche like!
I'll send a photo of mine later as it is uncovered at the moment.

It could be like that for something on a different model, eg. a support mount for a roll cage, etc. :dont know:
Very flimsy piece of metal, nothing structural.

Thanks MC, much appreciated.

...I wonder why therefore they bothered drilling the holes, perhaps there is a different model/spec that utilizes them....?
Took those 2 metal plates off mine recently when i was doing wiring for cruise control and mine is the same 2 holes with nothing in them.
I also thought the same as you' is there something missing lol.

Ha ha, thanks Carl, at least it isn't me then. Got to wonder why then there are the holes in the plates and also the corresponding holes in the plastic frame below for them to fix into. These kind of things bug me.

Anyway, case closed.

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