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Am I mad?


New member
9 Feb 2004

As a former Boxster S owner (it went very bad after 8 months of ownership) I am considering a 996 C4. The OPC route does not appeal to me after our previous falling out. Am I mad to even consider a 996? Or should I stay away? Didnt like the M3 and cant even consider a TVR, and my audi isnt really that much fun.

Im looking at using Paragon later this year, when hopefully the 997 will mean a bargain 996.

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yeah you are, get a 993 :wink:

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only thing that puts me off a 993 is the interior, otherwise i would have gone for the turbo that paragon had for sale last week

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No, how can you trust someone with Poonawala as their second name. The 996 is faster and handles better than a standard 993(not poon's beauty I should think). It is a little quieter and easier to drive though. Good daily driver.

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Poon you've gotta unleash on the boy!

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Ps Noony, Dha is another of your berkshire massive!

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I know!

haha you've already threatened to kill me, I don't need anyone else after me!

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Noony, how can anyone take your advice seriously when you can't even drive, legally!

maybe you should be giving advice on the, bicycle owners forum


the cadging lifts off mummy forum!

Alright Mr Noone :wink:

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I will have a valid drivers' license by march 6th. Better be ready to hand your keys over.

BTW i only get a lift from my mum once a week if that! And I never ride a bike.

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only a full drivers license is acceptable

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Dudes, real funny, however anyone with half a brain cell would know that although being real sexy (996 that is) the 993 is the one to have.....only one word to describe it bullit proof.

Throughout a model lyfecycle, each manufacturer hits a period of where they get the model 150% in this case its the 993.


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