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Alu Dials

alan sweeney

20 Mar 2005

Just a simple question Alu dials which are white, wondering if they are they easy to retro fit my self or is it a specialist job???

Cheers Alan.

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Hi Alan, do you have the whole cluster 'assy' or some retro dials?

I still havent got round to getting my ali dial cluster kit fitted yet, its been in a box for over 6 months.

If you have the whole 'assy' same as me i have been quoted about an hour at the OPC and will begrudgingly have to use them and not an indi cos i dont want no problems with mileage issues, (which i believe has to be reset) when i eventually sell the car.


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If you have a 993, it's a simple job, have a look on http://p-car.com/diy/diy.html

There is a load of stuff on here regarding the dials.

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I have an 2003 C4S so it is the cluster unit. My OPC have indicated they don't want to do it coming back that it was never an option on the C4S but I know on the owners cars section, (cannot remember the author), he has got the alu dials on his C4S on delivery so must have been an option. I have not go the option spec book which would be handy.

Will be chasing this up again with the OPC.

Cheers Alan.

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Hi Alan,

It was an option on the C4S.

they dont want to do it, cos it is a biatch of a job.

you either buy all the new clocks with the alu dials, or a sticker kit, which is really tough to fit, and apparentley often results in broken dials etc

Also the sticker kit unless done right looks crap,

So the new dials is the way to go, though very expensive unless you can get some from a breaker


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