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All that glitters?

Looking at the photo it looks like front floor rust near the sub frame attachment point?
Corrosion in old Porsches is nothing unusual, so be careful out there.. :eek:
I thought Porsche had galvanised the chassis from the 996 onwards ?
Looks like they didn't do a good enough job of it.
As best I can remember Porsche started galvanising the whole shell in 1977 or thereabouts, and corrosion is no stranger to air cooled Porsches even 30 years ago and given the age of some water cooled Porsches now, I would perhaps be inclined to consider the effects of corrosion and not only on exhaust fixings and systems... :?:
What's the best way of:

1) Finding if a particular car has this problem?
2) How to deal with it before it's too far gone?

Mine has the aero kit. I've found a tiny bit of rust right at the lip of the arches.
Best not to get too hung up on the possibility of corrosion. a few spots around the edge of wheel arches can be a long way from structural weakness as the result of rusted out box sections.

Keeping areas where road crud can and does get trapped cleaned out is perhaps well worth while as the crud holds moisture in places like wheel arches and the very edge of metal pressings such as wheel arches or where holes are drilled for fixings are those with the thinnest coat of protection is likely o be found and where corrosion can begin.

Beware though if you have any OCD tendencies, in trying to repair a small spot you can end up making a real mess of the appearance, so best do some research where YouTube is your friend in terms of processes available..

ENJOY your Porsche, being over protective can dilute the joy of ownership. :wack:
Think I've read a couple of tales now where the side skirt causes the rot along sills as it can trap water in there that ultimately will just eat away the steel.

Watch aerokit car values plummet :grin:
I,ve seen the American guys have been removing the aero side skirts for a number of years now due to this problem .

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