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alarm problems aswell!

andy smith

New member
3 Apr 2006
can anybody help?

i own a 996 c2 which i bought last june, no problems til yesterday when after returning to my car after playing golf i couldn't open it with the remote and had to open it with the key which set the alarm off until i got the key in the ignition, i have two key fobs both have new batteries, one did work for a few months then stopped working so i used the other until the car was serviced in december and had two new batteries. i took it to porsche sutton coldfield today and they said it was the control unit and with labour and two new key fobs would be £500.

the alarm still works but it goes off every time i open the door which the service manager said shouldn't happen to if it was ok.

anybody had similar problems? or anyone who can think of a less expensive solution very welcome,

i had thought about going to an alarm specialist s to see if it could be repaired?

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would definately be worth getting a second opinion from a alarm specialist. Or try another OPC.

sorry I can't be of more help.

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thats ok lee, thanks for the support, i had the same problem as you when i came back off holiday , it does say in the manual about things shutting down when the car is idle for days but somebody had told you already by the time i read it.

maybe my alarm is knackered maybe it can be fixed but porsche would just rather fit a new one, rather than fix what could be just a component on an electrical board thats blown and needs replacing,

we'll see

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mines a Japan import so the manual is in double dutch to me ;-) actuallt, i do need to get a UK one.

your exactly right about Porsche tho, its much easier for them to tell you its complete new part, they can order it in and then just fit it to make sure its working, rather than taking on the hassle of trying to diagnose and fix it.

its been mentioned on here before, someones siren stopped working and needed replacing, but i think you've got different symptons.

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