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Alarm Issues - 996 C4S Conv 2004 model


New member
6 Mar 2013
Has anyone had similar issues to me. I have a 2004 C4S convertible and have two alarm issues whihc may be connected.

Have had the car around 4 months and immediately had to buy a new remote control key as the buttons were broken, key was supplied and programmed by Porsche main dealer.

Firstly if I lock the car with the remote I can unlock it OK unless I leave the car for over 24 hours then I have to unlock the car using the key, once unloced it will lock/open again perfectly unless I leave it for a 24 hour period again.

Secondly I park the car at home on the drive and its fine but when I take the car anywhere and park it in the street or in a car park the alarm constantly goes off even if nobody is near it or walks past it?

Spoken to Porsche and they want to have it in to monitor it in their premises but want to charge me a hefty hourly rate for monitoring it even though not actually working on it?

Anyone had similar issues?

hi scott,
had similar issues with my alarm going off randomly - turned out it was the back up battery in the siren (right next to car battery). when the back up battery is dying (mine was amost 10 years old) causes it to just go nuts at random times - usually in the early hours of the morning!.
these can be repalced very cheaply - few pounds. oncle replaced all was good! i think it shows up on diagnostics as a siren fault...the siren can be replaced but this was £200+ from dealer!!! funnily enough i chose to replace batteries instead!
hope this helps
If not battery, it sounds like the main alarm unit may be fubar.

Could be water ingress (the unit is under the seat), especially in an ungaraged convertible.
Cheers will try the cheapest option (battery) first and fingers crossed.

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