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Aircon Issue


20 Feb 2008
Hi all,

air con unit has always had the green stuff showing it was leaking/or had leaked in the past but has been fine until recently.

Got it recharged a couple of weeks ago at a well known general tyre/exhaust company and it worked fine - until today that is :sad:

Me thinks therefore it is more serious and I've heard this could cost quite a bit :sad:

However, it needs fixing so can anyone recommend an Indy in the North West that has the skills to diagnose and repair please?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ridders,

I've got a similar problem.

My research suggests that Jim at ChillOut (Southport and Preston) is very highly regarded and he owns two 993s.

Search for my recent thread, which I think was entitled: "Air Con help"

I've put it on hold until early next year because everything I've read suggests that the Air Con should be used frequently and if that is right, which I'm sure it is, there doesn't seem much point in me having it done just before winter arrives!
All you need is someone with the dye and UV goggles to identify where the leak actually is and then swap the part. There's nothing to 'fix' here just replace worn parts.

Condensor £120 - Easy job by removing the front PU
Evaporator c£150 - BIG job taking all the firewall/heater matrix/petrol tank etc to get to it. 8-10hrs labour
Receiver/dryer c£20 unlikley to be the source of a leak but replace at the same time.
Compressor c£400 (but unlikely to be faulty)
'O' rings, pipe connections, expansion joint, ballast resistor as required.

My guess is it will be the condensor (usually full of crud and corroded and if not the evaporator next

Most Indy's can do the work. They dont need to be an AC expert as they/most will outsource the leak trace - but they do need to know how to pull a 993 apart to swap out the parts.

My Indy in Halifax has done the evaporator (plus the condensor given the cheap part) on my 993 (which I got a very very good deal) and more recently the condensor on my 964 :thumb:

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