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Air Filter Question


20 Feb 2012
I can see your eye brow lifting before i ask this one , "sorry in advance ", i am simply trying to remove the Air Filter cover so that i can drill it just to improve the sound of the car a little etc ... BUT ... i cant get the bloody thing out because of the attached intake pipe , i CAN get the clips on and off the unit "even the ones at the back" but should the intake pipe show below come off to get the filter cover out as its catching on the oil filler cap etc .
Ive tried turning it and pulling at it but it wont budge , looks like it should come apart ! , nothing in the book to suggest it is detachable .
Any help appreciated . Keith


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??? Mine just wiggles off

It will come out as shown....just a bit of force and dexterity needed 8)
Mine has the drilled filter cover and the intake pipe has been removed as is your desire.

That air filter cover in the photo looks remarkably like mine, if the image is from the buyers guide book then it is mine :)

It is and it is Steve , a famous car you have there , looking forward to seeing it if your going on Sunday / Keith
Keith you big chaver, I've got a bean tin for you if you want to put it over your tail pipe?

Any way last time you roared through the village you got wrong of someone's grandma!

Hoy Ian , you promised you wouldn't tell everyone :nooo: she's moved now anyway ! may try to get it off at the show as there's 12 going , someone will get the bleeding thing off , ill bring the drill !

STEVE hope you know we are all meeting at the car park south side of the bridge "off the round about" at Corbridge 8.30am , driving in at 9am .
G-Pipe is what you need :thumb:
Keith, your G pipe is still sitting here. I'll fetch it down on Sunday if you like.

That should wake up the neighbours.
Shame i'm not local to you as i'd gladly swap my pre-drilled unit for yours.
If I can offer a tip, drill smaller holes than the one in the picture and less of them, try it out for noise and do more if required....wish i'd not drilled mine. :sad:


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