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air con leak

big lee

17 Mar 2006
hi my 2000 996 has developed a leak on the air con system regased it and gas leaked out in two days! any common places to look for the leak???

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It could be almost anywhere - remember it's a gas so it can leak easier than a liquid. Best take it to an auto AC specialist, they'll have all the proper test gear.

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check the condensors in front of the rads in the front bumper very common

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by sid malik on 29 April 2006

check the condensors in front of the rads in the front bumper very common
Sid - I think you are going to be a very useful person to know - Welcome to the forum! :D 8)

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I don't wish to upset you but mine had to have extensive warranty/goodwill work to correct the a/c. weeks after I bought it. Included over a period of 4 weeks, in order:-

Front Condenser - still leaked, but the usual cause.

Pipes from condenser to engine - still leaked

Evaporator at middle front under firewall/petrol tank - finally sorted it.

I was in two minds wether to let them do the evaporator as a large amount of dismantling required and people had said it will be full of rattles and squeaks after.

I spoke at length to the guy doing it and he reassured me he would do a proper job and seemed knowledgeable.

It took him two days to install the evaporator!!

It's a perfect job and you honestly would not know it's been apart.

Must have cost £1500 all in I reckon.

Apparently a leaking evaporator is rare so yours is probably ok.

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hi thanks for the help,i have found the leak it was on the low pressure pipe from the osf wheel to the back of the car,it had a small pin hole just by the bracket wasn't that bad to change only took 2 hours,re gased and frezzing cold again! :D

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