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Afternoon chaps.


New member
13 Aug 2013
Hello. :bye:

My name is Ross! I'm 20 and stay in Stirling, Scotland. I currently drive a 97 200SX -

burnout by Ross Callaghan, on Flickr

However I am looking into purchasing a project car in the form of a 993, ideally a turbo however I doubt I'd find anything like that in my budget!

Or an early 911, whatever really. As long as it's reasonably solid I don't mind. Any Porsche is a good Porsche, right? :puh:

I'd be interested to know if anyone has anything that would be suitable, if so please PM me.

Looking forward to learning a little more about Porches and eventually owning my dream car, a 998 911 turbo. :worship: :worship:

Hi Ross,

What's your budget ?

First lesson in your learning ........ the 996 and 997 were followed by the 991.
Hi Ross, welcome to the forum. No 998 (yet). As for your 911, look here:


Shout if you need a hand with opinions, viewings etc.

~ Maxie :thumb:
Hello, thanks for the replies!

Apologies, I never knew of the 991!

I am unsure just now on the current budget. I've got a rough figure in my mind however I'm not afraid of a big project so whatever I spend will be based upon the amount of work required.

Maxie - I'll bear that in mind, thanks! :D
Hi Ross, I think the guys mean how much do you want to spend on the car purchase, £10k, £20k, £30k???

This may be of interest to you


Anglia car auctions have a collection of 200 Porsche to auction and the first batch is going through on the 24 Aug, lots of project cars.

Its a long way from stirling I know but you can phone/online bid.
One Word: Insurance

At 28 I'm only now getting anything close to sensible Insurance quotes on 911's so you might want to do some provisional quotes if you haven't already.

Porkers are relatively sensible on the old Insurance but sub-25 you're probably going to get a hiding. I know my 300ZX Insurance quartered when I hit 26 but it is still more than my 911 Insurance so you might not get shafted too hard.
Oldnbold - Thank you for sending me that link! It seems a lot of these cars are LHD which is a bit of a bummer. Nevertheless I shall look into that page further and find out pricing.

Touji - It's something I haven't even considered. I had planned on getting a project and I had presumed by the time it was finished I'd be 21 and that Insurance gets a lot cheaper then... I'll need to get some quotes.

Thanks for the replies guys!

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