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AFN Porsche, Reading....


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22 Nov 2002
After a heated telephone conversation with the Service Dept yesterday, I wouldn't use these people if they were the last dealer on Earth.

I'm looking at buying a 964 privately at the moment, the car having been serviced for the last few years at AFN in Reading. Previous to this the car was bought and serviced by Dick Lovett Porsche at Swindon.

So, phoned up Dick Lovetts first....great, couldn't be more helpful, went through everything the car had ever had done or replaced with them. They even suggested some relevant questions to ask AFN re certain parts being changed on the car I'm enquiring about.

So, I then phone up AFN. Before I could even finish the sentence I have some snooty cow telling me, "we're not allowed to discuss customers cars servicing-its against Data Protection". When I pointed out to this woman that, were I to be their customer trying to sell my car on (after having spent a few thousand pounds worth of business with them), I would be fairly unimpressed for them to be so obstructive with anybody making any reasonable enquiries about the cars' servicing history.

The Data Protection Act was never intended to be used in this way, and is just used by some companies/individuals to be just plain awkward.

Good to see old fashioned stupidity overcoming common sense and customer service.....

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Amazing to see the difference in approach from the two dealers. I knew Dick Lovetts was supposed to be good but that AFN Reading could be so unhelpful was a revelation. Have you been able to get the current owner to tell them to give you the details? I would have thought if he had nothing to hide he would be willing to do this.

How come you are looking to buy through a main dealer anyway?


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Hi James,

No, I'm buying the car privately, but its been looked after for the last couple of years at AFN. I have seen the invoices from the owner and everything appears kosher, but I still wanted to speak with AFN should there be any more info they could have given me about the car i.e. something may have been picked up by a technician that may have been a problem for the future but not necessarily included on the customers invoice.

Anyway, their loss!! (i'm still going to buy the car, subject to a PPI)



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Doh! Of course. I was being stupid. Glad to hear you have found the right car though. Details?

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I tried to get the service history for a BMW 735i that I bought recently and the BMW dealer would not release the computer records without a signed letter from the previous owner - the data protection act was the reason.

Its probably the use of computers for service records in major dealerships with "do it by the book" Computer directors who are causing the problem and not the service staff.

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My car came with full service history from Dick Lovetts swindon, but I only had the stamps in the book when I purchased it.

I phoned them last week to ask about copies of the originals and they couldnt have been more helpful. The faxed the entire lot to me (about 35 pages) but had blanked out the previous owners details as part of Data Protection requirements.

Seems like some places are more helpful than others, but then thats what separates the good from the average and why these forums are so valuable in identifying them.

I think Dick Lovett provide an exceptional service form what I have seen.

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I had a different problem recently at AFN guildford. I had a buyer for my 996 Cab. However the car needed its 36,000 mile service so i told my buyer it was being done at guildford.

He then phoned AFN and they proceeded to tell him how much tyre tread i had, how the discs were looking what had been done under warranty and anything else he wanted to know. This was all done before anyone phoned me. Infact no one phoned me until very late in the day for a credit card for payment. At no time had i ever said they could discuss my vehicle with anyone else. When i wasn't available they upset my house keeper and said they wouldn't release the car. At no point did anyone bother to tell me anything about my vehicle. They did decide to release the car, based on the fact we bought the car off them and we had another on order and a driver came back with it. I duly paid.

However i lost my purchaser because i refused to replace the rear tyres for him they had 3mm on rears and 6mm on fronts.

Now some may say the buyer wasn't serious, or i was stupid fair enough, but AFN say that when they gave out all my details regarding my vehicle (just glad they didn't know my inside leg measuremeny) they assumed the man calling was my husband (even though he had a different name) enquiring about the car. Perhaps they should get their policies sorted out across the board. It turns out the guy who was buying my car bought one off them.

The final insult was when the record card came back with my husbands name on the front. It seems AFN can't accept that women own, service and sell cars themselves. The service mangager blamed the sales dept and was not slightly apologetic about anything in fact i would say he was bordering on indifferent which i found disappointing.

Anyway my husband has since cancelled his porsche order and i am getting my new one elsewhere.

So there I will be going elsewhere for servicing from now on. Any suggestions.

I did replace my tyres at Micheldever tyres. They were brilliant and £80 cheaper for the exact same tyre.

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That is appalling service.

If you are anywhere near Chertsey GT One are very good.

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Or Tognola Engineering in Datchet (nr.Slough)

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Sutchy and CT993

Thanks for the advice. I am quite often near Slough and Chertsey.

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decompressing - Interesting - I rang AFN yesterday to confirm all the stamps in my service book - they couldn't been more helpful! - I wonder if anyone at AFN Reading reads this forum....?

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Only used AFN at Isleworth once in the 80's I'd never use them again
they left oil on the carpets and the wiring under the dash hanging down , really hopeless .

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Perhaps the snooty bitch I spoke to that day (sorry Olivia, but she was!) had just found her husband in bed with his secretary recently....god knows, but it just goes to show that just one persons actions can potentially have a very large impact on future customers for a business (or not!)


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Mmmmmm.......we always use them for servicing, but I've heard from my Dad that a female who answers phone calls for the service dept. is a right cow!

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.. I had to wait in front of her for about 3 mins while she nattered to a friend/collegue before she acknowledged I was there.....

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