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Aero kit front spoiler grills


4 Nov 2012
Forgive me if his has been covered..I did do a quick search honest !

I have just had new rads on the car when I collected it and they look amazingly vulnerable. Ive looked into a mesh kit but they seem crazy money ! Ive done my own (albeit smaller) grills on my ducati which I epoxied on, but I could only find gold or silver. My question is, has anyone found a source of black mesh, and fitted themselves ? If so how did they secure it. How do the proper kits get secured ?

You are right to think about protecting your rads. I think GT4 did a DIY on his previous aerokitted 996 by simply going to Halfords, B&Q or somesuch, buying the mesh and then just cutting it to fit. For the rest of us less dab-handed, we just bought the kits from ZunSport. They might do a 997 GT3 kit for which would fit your car. If you do take the latter route, drop me a PM as I may be able to get a 20% discount for you as I did a group buy from them in 2011.

See here:


~ Maxie
Nattyboy said:
Forgive me if his has been covered.. I did do a quick search honest !

:hand: It must have been very quick.

Try using the word 'mesh' and author = GT4 and you'll have dozens of threads come up.

The best one is also a sticky in the FAQ's.

Here >> http://www.911uk.com/viewtopic.php?t=51912

They look great maxie - how do they secure to the bumper ? Im quite happy with he DIY option if I can find a good enough mesh in black but don't really want to be slapping epoxy on the PU. Does the PU come off pretty easy ?
I'm not sure how these particular grilles would fit on to an aerokitted car; I can only speak for my own non-aero car. For my 4S, I had to drill two small holes into the front PU and then coerced the grilles in. It took me about 30 mins to do (most of that time I was procrastinating about the drilling) but they look very OEM now.

If you do go for the Zunsport, I would recommend the black grilles as the silver ones (pictured on the website) look very after-market imo.

~ Maxie
I like the look of those Zunsport ones in black also, might have to get me a set! :thumb:

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