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advice sought


23 Feb 2003
im a 911 virgin. don't hurt me..... :wink:

i think i need a 996 carrera 2 tiptronic ('cos i'm lazy and drive in the city lots)

how old should I go there seem to be three flavours early: coloured indicators, middle: clear indicators, late: 3.6ltrs.

which extras should i look out for?

how do 996's cope with super-duper shell optimax??? does it make 'em go??

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These seem popular (not my list... I stole it from somewhere else) :

"Must haves"- 18 inch wheels- the sound pack/Bose system- A few alloy bit's lift the cabin feel, eg alloy handbrake & gearlever- If you are a press on driver then you will need sports suspension, but if you fancy a tiptronic then you may not be a hard core driver & then you may find this too harsh, as it can be "bumpy" on B roads- A sports exhaust is a must for pre-facelift




- Basically everything is extra on these cars, so heated seats, sports seats, Sat Nav are all nice toys to have but everything costs an arm & a leg when new, so many cars have a basic spec- Sunroof is a waste of space (too small & too noisy!)- Avoid heavily modified car's as these will be hard to sell to the main dealer network come re-sale time.

Cheers, James

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Also depends whether u want better performance. If you're not bothered dont shell out more for the 3.6

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If you want the car for the city the softest config would probably be best, so stay away from sports seats (not comfy for 6ft+) and sports suspension.

Try getting January 2002 issue of GT PURELY PORSCHE magazine it has a feature on buying a secondhand 996's with what to look for etc obviously prices may have changed a little but it should help a bit.

Cant see the point in getting a facelift 3.6 secondhand as they are still going for close to list price, you may as well get yourself on a list and spec your own car for the same price!

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thanks guys, good pointers!!!

looking ahead to resale in a couple of years i thought a facelift version would be a better proposition.

yeah the price of the facelift seems close to new. cheapest ive seen is £55k, a reasonably specced 996 C2 Tip seems around £62 so i wonder wether saving a few k is worth it!!

i suppose an ideal situation would be some seriously cheap import (Uk spec of course...)

i hear 996 sales are well down in the US and amazingly enough both porsche garages in london i went to "had a slot" coming up if i was interested...

anybody know of any reputable method of import? ive got a number of a forces guy who mainly does bmw's but who knows... (anyway the forces are now in the gulf, so perhaps he does LandCruisers??)

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Try and contact Jay Jay on this forum, he's just imported a carrera 4s from sweden saving himself an arm......possibly my arm, as I bought from the uk!

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I was fortunate to have been able to take advantage of a great exchange rate. Back in September I "forward booked" a rate of 14.55 Swed Kroner to the £. Otherwise the Swedish dealer was still making a profit -but was figuring I was making a saving of approx £3K and managing to get myself into a currently"hard to get hold of" car. Right now the rate is approx. 13.4 SE KR =£1. On that basis - I would have paid full list!! Aaaarrgh!! If you buy an import - MAKE SURE IT'S "C16". I believe the best advice is that if you can find a European dealer to give you a fixed price and you can make a saving that's worthwhile (say - minimum £3K +)- then do not gamble that your chosen currency might improve. Commit to a Forward Excgange" deal with your bank.Take the deal at the rate that gives you the saving and then sit back & relax.

The dealer in Sweden was a pleasure to deal with. If you would like his details then E:mail me on

[email protected]

My C4S was delivered on time, to the precise spec I chose, properly PDi'd, and was handed over with all correct paperwork and all in all I would do the whole thing again.

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Actually - I should add that the dealer picked me up from the airport in a Cayenne Turbo. The weather was bright & sunny but it was -7 degrees (cold !) - nonetheless -I was treated to a fine display of 150 m.p.h. with snow surrounding the motorway. A very nice start to what was a magic day all round.

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Hows the 4s Jay Jay? Having mine delievered saturday now, cant get down to pick it up from nottingham. The Dealer 'Merlin' has been fantastic and organised it all for me. Although I do want to go to an airport and have them chauffer me back to my house in a cayenne to drive my car!

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