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Advice Required 993 Turbo


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17 Sep 2003
I have recently decided to purchase my dream car a 993 Turbo. My only problem is that although I am keen on cars and how they drive and look I am not so keen on looking after them and have no idea of the potential service costs.

Can anyone give me a idea of how often they need serviced and the approximate cost of each? I understand that a 996 Turbo is a better option (servicing wise) but can't make myself do it as it was 993 I had set my heart on.

Also any ideas where to get a good one without paying main dealer premiums?

Thanks in advnace for the help

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Not so keen on looking after them? :D
None of as are but it's what you have to do to keep them looking and driving like they do!

Turbo's are always more expensive to run. Major work will mean taking the turbos out, and of course it will need new turbos at somepoint. But if you can afford even a 996 TT then surely this is not a worry?

Do you mind LHD? If not RSJ have one for £38k.

Main dealer's charge premiums because they do all necessary touching up/servicing/new tyre/mot/warranty. You will at least get a warrany with most specialists though.

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993 Turbos do seem very expensive. Just did search earlier today on POrsche official locater and some of them were 65-70k!

They look great though. Anything specific to watch for other than standard buyer's guide stuff?

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£55k should be around the top end of the non official market. £70k is Turbo S and 996 turbo territory.

I can't think of any specific problems with the 993 turbo, except perhaps the wiring harness? That should have been done anyway.

You're buying one of my favourite cars!

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Will let you know progress. Going to see a 97 P with 56k later this week.

Looks a cracker

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993 Turbo's.

One specific problem is worn valve guides, perhaps affects turbo more because of the additional heat.

Otherwise the cars are good and have much the same issues as a regular 993, just accelerated wear. Good luck, great cars.

Adrian Crawford. 911secrets.com performance2aad4.co.uk

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SteveC why don't you get Adrian to find you one !!! - I would send a 993 Turbo to a specialist for work, better service , better attention and better price. Northway Porsche are good.


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The idea of LHD keeps rearing it's head. I have read all the posts regarding this but I am still stuck on thinking that the wheel is on the wrong side.

Surely your time exposed to danger is increased when overtaking?

Call me old fashioned but surely LHD are for Europe? Are they not a good low cost option into ownership but surely sitting on the correct side is of paramount importance? I am not trying to be flippant but have always delaying my own 911 ownership until i could (ill) afford a RHD 993.

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Driving LHD v RHD..

The 'advantage' of lhd is firstly that you can buy a better car/newer for your lolly. And buying better is always a good plan.

Further advantages customers have found are that the driving position is better in the car, you sit less skewift. Especially good for taller people. On the motorway you often have a better vew between lanes. On the open road you get a better view round rh bends and a less good on lh bends.

There is a disadvantage in some passing situations, for example following a truck, in that case you must drop back a bit, to gain the view you may have in a rh car, you are sitting only a couple of feet different anyhow. So with a bit of consideration and practise its okay. I like it.

Disadvantages, ticket booths, where you just have to undo the belt and stretch.

Exposure to danger in a 993 Turbo....that will be down to you, they are quick as you like, its more likely a mistake will be caused by the pilot, not the lhd .

Sure it feels like 'the wrong trousers' for a week or two, but seat time will make things comfortable. If you can drive, you can drive.

Regards, Adrian

p.s. If it means you can have what you want now (by taking lhd), instead of later, do it now, life is short. :wink:

911secrets.com performance2and4.co.uk

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I know just what you mean about lhd seeming not quite right. Every time I see a lhd Porker I can't help thinking that it's someone taking a cheapo option. Then I remember that my car is lhd and then I shut up :oops:
. Lhd cars often have a higher level of spec than UK eg. aircon (not the best but worth having if it works), less corrosion from salted roads (not really a problem for newer cars) and often have been better cared for - parts / servicing etc does seem to be cheaper on the continent.

I would agree absolutely with what Adrian says. Porsches were originally designed as lhd so rhd was always a bit of a compromise / bodge job. The car is much better layed out in lhd - the pedals are in the right place, the knob on the glove box is on the right side etc. Little things really, but make a difference to living with the car day to day. Things like joining motorways from slip roads are actually easier in a lhd as you have a very good view over your right shoulder and no blind spot to worry about.

To echo Adrian's sentiments - if you have the money to buy yourself a decent lhd version of the car you want, then why the hell wait around and pay more for a rhd ?

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Echoing the above sentiments, has anyone recently had a potter round Formula Fuchs? They have a couple of TT's and a C2S. All look V low mileage and nice nick. It seems the prices are ok(ish) versus RHD equivalent. Just wondered if anyone out there has had a chance to see them first hand before I set a weekend aside to have a look. Also any opinions/experiences on the firm would be useful. None of them appear to have soft roofs and armrests either which is encouraging :D

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I'm sure they will be able to offer a full leather armchair upgrade Hendo, including pipe, smoking jacket and slippers !

Don't know much about Formulae Fuchs, but comments I've read (probably on here) suggest that they spend money on making the cars look pretty but not doing maintenance bits, and that cars have sometimes been slightly mis-described. But as I say I have no personal experience other than a very friendly and helpful email received from Tim (proprietor) when I was beginning to look for my car last year.

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It is all perspective - I saw a LHD Jaguar XK8 in London today and it looked really wrong somehow. If you think about it, LHD Porsches are just right. And RHD Jags are just right.

I am biased because I have a LHD 993 C4S that I bought for about a 10k discount compared to RHD prices for the same car with higher mileage - it made sense to me!

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Hendo. If you do a search you will find some comments I and a few others wrote about Formula Fuchs. I have visited them once and had a few phone calls. Nice guys, rapidly expanding by the looks of it. Not much prep work done to cars as far as I could see and a guy who was there at the same time as me to pick up an SC he bought over the phone (!) was complaining about a list of things that they had promised to fix but hadn't. Read what you will into this. I test drove a 914-6 which they knew next to nothing about and which clearly had been sitting idle too long and needed a serious "tune-up". It was all a bit disappointing but they did have a large selection of cars at not-bad prices. Personally, I would buy from them if the car checked out well in a PPI and the price was right.


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What's the hang ups re LHD? Porsche has plenty of grunt to pass and a TT at that! It is not a bog standard Ford Mondeo which huffs and puffs to overtake. I got a 993RS in LHD and I have no problems. Just be sensible when you cannot see for overtaking - wait til you can see then floor it! I think I got a good car under 30k miles which would cost almost its original price in UK RHD. I certainly am not bothered with LHD. The ONLY problem is the toll booths or parking tickets but then again I don't drive the RS to do shopping errands.


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