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Advice re Specialist Dealers please...


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22 Nov 2002
Hi Everybody,
I’m new to the board and would appreciate some advice.
I’m a first-time purchaser, have done my homework on common 911 weaknesses, but would like to check up on whether any of you guys have had dealings (good or bad) with the following dealers who I may be about to buy a 3.2 Carrera from:

911 Virgins and

Motorfarm (not “Autofarm”).

Any comments?



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I've never heard of "Motorfarm", are they a Porsche specialist, do they have a website?

Prestige and Performance (911virgin.com) have a good reputation for selling honest cars - you won't find anything tarted-up there and the prices are reasonable.

Good luck,


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Hi Marc

I've not heard of Motorfarm either.

Prestige and Performance are well established. They have been described at the "pile it high and sell it cheap" of 911 dealers - not necessarily a bad thing at all. The owner, Henry, is somewhat infamous. It seems that he speaks his mind and in doing so had put more than one possible buyer off. There are a number of people who swear never to speak to him again but then there are also people who have bought some nice cars from him. His strangest characteristic seems to be a complete refusal to disclose the mileage of a car (on the basis that it is condition that counts). I kind of see where he is coming from but he does seem a bit of an odd bloke (from the second-hand stories I have heard).

I think you should definitely go and see them if they have some cars you are interested in but take a thick skin with you. Also give their various proce options some thought. In my view, the best bet is their "3rd Way" - buy at their "Bug" price, have a service done t your expense and if it throws up more than the difference betweeen "Bug" and "Full" they will fix everything and charge you only the "Full" price. Check out their website for a proper explanation.

Cheers, James

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I don't know Motorfarm either.

However, the Carrera 3.2 I've just bought has been through P&P and I called them a couple of days ago to check a couple of details.

I spoke to Henry's brother, Tom, who couldn't have been more helpful. Remeber, I was buying a car from a competitor of theirs and Tom could easily have refused to give me the time of day.

They seem to have a good reputation and excellent experience/knowledge - and I agree with them about condition being way more important than mileage.

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Thanks to everybody thats replied, I will go and visit them as they have a couple of cars I'm interested in at the moment.

I'll let you know how I get on...


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