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Advice please


22 Feb 2007
Hi All,
First post on here so be gentle with me!
I am looking to buy a 993 (Turbo body). Over the years I have owned a 1970 911 2.2s,
a 1980/1 3.3 Turbo, and a 1973 2.7 RS Carrera. The craving never leaves you and now I fancy another Porsche.
Right or wrong, I consider the 993 to be the pinnacle of the 911 and think that Porsche lost the plot somewhat with the 996, even though I am sure it is a very good car. I feel it lost some of its styling and to me a 911 is not a 911 with a water cooled engine.
So my question is, which is the best model of 993 to go for? Is there one particular model either 2WD or 4WD that is condsidered to be the mutts nuts? Maybe the build year or engine spec is also a deciding factor.
Hope you guy's can offer some feedback.

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Hi Del and welcome, 993 is a great car, you'll get all the info you need on here. Stick around..

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firstly if its a turbo body 993 you are after then its the C2S or C4S you have as a choice...........IIRC the C4S is more or less turbo running gear sans turbo's,whereas the C2S has the regular 993 C2 brakes/running gear,so potentially the C4S can cost more to maintain.

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Del I have owned 2 993's a C4 Varioram and a C2 non Varioram, its personal coice, the C4 felt very safe and sure footed, but a bit heavy. Where my current C2 is lighter and dare I say more fun !

Varioram - I am finding the non varioram smoother, the power delivery is more steady and not a kick at 5,500 revs.. but its the later engine and some say the better engine !! You'll need to drive both.

Years - I feel my 95 C2 is better put together than my 97 C4, but that may just be me.

Hope this helps

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also Del...............ALL factory turbo body 993's are the varioram's,and 95/96 N-reg onward

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Dan, did I understand this correctly that the non-varioram engine is the later and better engine?
I was concerned that the C4 may take some fun away!

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Varioram is the later engine and has a slight power increase. Also feels a bit more like it's coming 'on cam' in the midrange than the non varioram.

Realistically though there's very little in it and you should concentrate on condition with cars of this vintage.

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Welcome aboard Del - good to hear that there might be another 993 on the books - far too many people going over to the wet side these days. :D

Off to trim my beard now.......... :wink:

BTW - we now have our first 911uk double act - Del and Rodders - :D

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Thanks Rodders & Dunc for your input.
Yes I feel that once having decided on which model the hard work starts by finding the right car!

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Del, your a Surrey Boy.. Like a few of us on here...

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Hi Del and welcome,

Ref Varioram post 95 cars and non Varioram pre 95 cars ive driven numerous models with both engines and could not feel any difference, buy on Condition and Service History and do not rule out a narrowbody 993 i think the 993 C2 narrowbody is one sweet looking car and bags of fun, but then again thats why i bought one

Varioram Non Varioram, narrowbody widebody, C2, C4, RS, Turbo, i suppose its all down to personal choice and how much wedge you want to spend but one things for sure if you buy a good 993 the rewards are endless best Porsche ive ever bought.

Goodluck with your choice

Regards Walt

993 C2 Cab ( narrowbody and pre varioram)

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Thanks Walt,

Appreciate the good advice. Having looked at a few adverts today I can see that finding a good low mieage, one owner car might be a problem.
Whilst I like the wide body cars, if an exceptional narrow bodied car came up them one would be silly not to give it consideration.
Are there any other places to look, other than this site for cars that are for sale that you could recommend?

I have been looking through the forums on here today and found them most interesting. Great site.


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I bought mine on autotrader website, most of the good independents advertise in the monthly Porsche Mags, 2 of these advertise classifieds, i would always try to buy from an enthusiast for obvious reasons. Dealership cars tend to be top dollar but then again usually a waranty is involved and at least a bit of comeback if things go wrong.

Dont be put of by a car that has a few owners as Porsche cars tend to change hands regular my 94 m plate 993 cab has 6 previous owners but is a minter, i would strongly advise drive a few cars to get the feel, be aware there are a few dogs out there, and when you drive and like one you fancy get a Pre Purchase Inspection from someone like Peter Morgan its the best £300 you will ever spend( he also does a good 993 buyers guide for a tenner )see his website for details.

I found that most cars i looked at prior to buying mine looked nice on the outside and drove ok but quite a few were let down by shabby interiors, also run a search on this site for things that tend to go wrong on 993s around certain mileages e.g wishbones clutch etc etc the mainly American Rennlist forum also has a really good 993 forum for pitfalls to be aware of and advice

as you get more into buying a 993 you will find more and more considerations come into play but best to get out there book a few test drives go see a few and make a choice from there.

regards Walt

993 c2 cac

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More good advice Walt, thankyou.
I remember Peter Morgan from my earlier days of Porsche ownership and £300 is well worth peace of mind I'd say.
I have to be honest that 6 owners would usually put me off straight away but its interesting that you have a mint example.
Clearly its not going to be a quick purchase and I am in no tearing hurry, I just want to find the right car.
Thankyou for your time.

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