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advice please - Boxster 987 Battery & alarm woes


New member
9 Apr 2013
hello all,
new member here, so bear with me please - I have checked the manual, and I have used the search function.

So I have a Boxster 3.4s / 987. Has been sat and covered during the winter months, during this time it was started a few times, but clearly not enough.

I did not have a trickle charger, as soon as this is fixed I will get a trickle charger... hindsight and all that. :roll:

Open with key, initially did not leave key in. Perhaps my first error.

Tried to fire it up, nothing. Dead as a dodo. Can't access battery.

Tried the red post to no gain, clicking and the like but wouldn't allow the hood to pop with the fob.

Tried to trickle through the cig lighter using male plug and charger, no gain.

OK, wheel trim off, find the little wire, pull. Mmm, solid. WD40 into mechanism, wait, wait, pull wire, pop and bingo we're in.

Attach battery charger, alarm sounds, alarm turns off, battery continues to charge.

By now, what remaining sense of humour I have is drifting in to the wind. To make matter worse, I tried to get into my landrover to fix something else (whilst charging) and the door seizes. Engineering tolerances being slightly more generous on landrover, it gets a boot and sorted. That'll teach it. I digress.

After 5 hours charging decide to give it a go.

Alarms starts to sound as I open door.

Electronics signals on the dash go from flashers on to randomised clicking and whirring.

And this continues, so I have disconnected the sounder.

After much waffle, my question is: "What is the correct sequence for getting this fixed?"

I think it will be:
1. Pop front again via red post or cable
2. Lock then open door with key, leave key in when opening door
3. Disconnect battery with key in and at 1, pos then then neg
4. Reconnect battery with key in and at 1, pos then neg

Do I need to reconnect the alarm sounder for this process?

Is that it?

Any help/advice or sense of humour parcels will be gratefully received.

Appreciate if the reply can't be posted in an open forum for security reasons then I will do whatever needs to be done to prove I actually own the car!!



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