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Advice on a few bits


4 Aug 2021
Hi all,

Im now into a full year of 911 ownership, i have a 997.1 C2s cabrio. I love it, and drive it at least once a week in the time i have owned it i have tried to take care of it as best i can spent a bit of money etc so far i have done the following:

Gundo Hack
Replaced the PCM with a Kenwood head unit (bought of here)
Added 15mm spacers to the rear and 7mm spacers front
Replaced rear lights for LED Depos (bought off here)
Had the engine mounts replaced
Had a full service and replaced all plugs and coil packs (coils were cracked)
All work is carried out by Sid at Porsche Torque - he is brilliant.

Ever since owning the car i have found the handling to be too twitchy, constant movement in the steering etc... So last week i took the car to Wheels in Motion (CG are too far for me) and got a geo done, that seems to have helped. I was told at the Geo though that my tyres year is 2015 and i have a slight buckle in the front drivers wheel but the balancing is fine so is compensating. The advice i got was change the tyres that will help get confidence back in the handling so i want to change to a set of PS4s.

First question is, how true is this? I currently have bridgestone potenzas rear are 305/30/r19 fronts 235/35/r19. The rears have a little wear on the inner edge which the geo has corrected. the front have a lot of tread left but are obviously old... To get like for like sizes in MPS4s its going to cost about £1,100 do you think its worth spending the cash and will i notice and feel the improvement? I have had them before on other cars and they are great... Also what are the best sizes to get what i have or different?

Next bit of advice: The car has a black cabrio roof which is in good condition, and i coated it in fabsil to protect it from water and it worked really well. About 3 months ago there was a sandstorm (i know that sounds ridiculous but there was) and since then i have now got sand like staining on the roof in spots... i never clean the roof when cleaning the car as i have never needed to (except spot clean bird poor etc)... I cant get the sand spotting off the car, iv tried brushing, even tried vacuuming... what are my options to get rid of the marks, they cant be seen until you get close... Pictures in the link below)

And final bit: There is a little bit of rust developing on the front passenger side wheel lower sill. What can i do to treat/remove the rust its not really visible but i dont want it to get any worse... what do you guys recommend to sort it out??

photos here


Thanks in advance for the help!
Re tyres, yes I'd replace them and with the MPS4S you are thinking. That and a proper fast road geo set up will make a big difference. I know you said you've had the set up. Not all geo is equal, but hopefully you've had a decent set up. Take the wheel off and get the buckle sorted by a reputable alloy specialist. ARB's make a good difference to the handling too. Either Eibach or H&R front and rear, or swap the rear for GT3/GT2 OE bar and you'll notice the difference on turn in.

Rust - decent body shop to resolve.

Can't help re the sand staining, but a decent detailed should be able to sort it, and r register on a detailing forum and see what product and process advise they can give. 🤷"â™‚️

Car looks good from the pictures. Pleased you are enjoying it.
If the wheel is buckled then get it straightened. Any competent wheel refurbisher should be able to do it.

It usually costs abot £25 per rim on is done on a lathe with a bottle jack attachment and a pointer. It is a bit agricultural but that is how they do it.
Clean the roof with Renovo cleaner and reseal. If the cleaning does not work - it should - then dye and reseal. Easy to use kits.
CG worth the trip IMO if you really want to peace of mind & before spending significant cash. They know their stuff arguably better than anyone with these cars, and will ensure you only spend your money where it's needed to get the result you want. Not everyone wants the same setup. They really spend their time asking before doing.
Thanks for the replies...

Well i took the car out yesterday for a bit of a longer drive and i must admit im not sure the geo has helped at all (i know i said i thought it had) car is now veering to the left and im not sure but getting more vibration through the wheel and seat... So get the feeing i may have just wasted £200! Im going to call Wheels in Motion later to see if they will take another look but im pretty certain they will say the hunter system has everything green again and i have to get the tyres and wheel sorted to notice the diff...

See below chart from the alignment - i have no idea what the numbers mean but im assuming green means good?!


I took the car to a local body shop that sorted a rear diffuser for me on S5 the guy there said the rust is so small he wouldn't want to have to charge me for a full side paint job and suggested that i simply sand off the rust and apply some rust chemicals and just spot paint over??
First job is to get the wheel repaired and rebalanced.

Second job is to find a decent paint shop that will prep it and paint accordingly. I get what he is saying, that he'd have to charge you for more work to get it all blended in but you need to go to somewhere that is used to people wanting perfection. It's a bit like the MOT guy saying all the suspension rubbers are ok, even though there is slight play vs. going to somewhere like CG that will tell you to replace them to get the most out on f the car from a handling perspective. There is no point aligning it with bushes that are starting to perish. 👍
I'd say, yes, get fresh tyres and get that wheel straightened out. It should feel fine with a standard alignment, and great with a good alignment.
Brill, thanks for the advice

Been quoted 990 for 4 tyres fitted and 140 to have the wheel straightened out so think ill just get that done and see where we stand.

Went to wheels in motion as they had a few good reviews on this forum so trust that they know what they are doing, he checked over the bushes etc and said they were fine... and said that he was surprised he got the results back quite as easily as he did
Looking at the numbers pre-alignment the tyre wear will be pretty uneven so it will take a while for the car to drive "straight" even if the settings are all good now. New tyres will speed up the process.
Against popular opinion on here but the Bridgestones are fine tyres on a properly setup car and much cheaper than the Michelin options. I've had a few sets on mine in the last 5 years.
Wheel repairs are usually cheaper than that too, unless it's a three piece wheel. That said, maybe it needs a refurb too 🤷"â™‚️
I'm extremely happy with my N rated PS4 tires. Good tires are essential and I wouldn't go with anything else than these or P zeros, but from what I gather these are the better also for wet.
With your rust issue, I have the same. It's an expensive fix. Basically they will sand and paint parts of the fender and lower sill. They will take off some plastic panels to get rear access and sand the rust that is probably there as well. If you catch it early enough it might only be a surface job but my experience is poorly done rust work will just return within a year.
So after several busy weeks finally managed to make some progress on getting the car looked at again... No update on the roof or the rust but will get to that soon...

Not changed the tyres yet either, i wanted to go through and identify what might have been causing the problem. so this morning went to the autowerks in high wycombe. They took all 4 wheels off the car and checked them out..

The front drivers side as expected was slightly buckled and they got it straight. The guy there said i had a slight buckle in the rear passenger side as well but he said he thnks it has had a weld repair in the past and that could be causing what looks like a buckle in the wheel and suggested that i should just leave it and see how i get on with the repair on the front.

Drove it back down the m40 and it has definitely improved, wheel is vibrating less, the steering wheel still has a little vibration through it, but no where near as bad as before could drive at 80-90 without feeling like the wheels were about to fall off which is nice...

So some progress made, suspect that fresh rubber might smooth out the rest of the vibration as its pretty minor now...

They said not to worry too much about the rear wheel he just said he didn't want to try and get it straight as it might crack the wheel again and then need further work to get it sorted...

All in all for £95 a pretty reasonable trip to get an improvement in feel... next stop 4 tyres...
I have just replaced my N-rated MPS4 with the new 4S tyres at £870 from Blackcircles (flash sale) fitted. My old tyres were 6-8 years old but still road legal on tread. Only driven about 10 miles so far but huge reduction in rolling road noise and seem more compliant/quieter over bumps and irregular surfaces. Very pleased.

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