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Advice? - Metallic Rattle & Window issue


New member
14 May 2021
Morning all,

Advice please:

I've noticed an intermittent rattle coming from the rear drivers side, sounds like it's around the rear wheel arch or exhaust. (997.2 C4S)

It's a metallic noise (not a plastic rattle) and seems to mainly occur when just pulling off from standstill. Once up to around 5-10mph and above it disappears.

Any thoughts? Perhaps a part is just slightly loose, doesn't sound feel like a major issue but thought I'd seek some advice.

Next service is due around Apr/May so figured if I can live with it till then I will, unless anything thinks it could be more serious...


I had something similar on my 997.

It turned out to be the small metal plates that are welded between the 2 exhaust pipes. The weld had broken which makes the metal plate vibrate. It's like holding a metal rule on the edge of a table and twanging it!

If you hit the end of the exhaust you might hear it. Don't need to hit it hard!

It will most likely be a loose / corroded heat shield.
I had a couple of things on mine

1) the baffles inside my driver's side silencer must have broken and they rattled/buzzed at around 2-2.5K rpm

2) when I had the silencer replaced, the bolt clamps for the centre silencer were at the wrong angle. When the exhaust got hot, they clinked against the centre silencer heat shield. The clamps were rotated slightly down and the noise has now gone.

Funny thing is, now that both of these have been sorted, you realise how quiet the 997.2 is!!!
Had exactly this on our 997. Thought it was the weld but turned out to be the valve actuator rod in the sports exhaust - which was stuck.
Depending on the type of exhaust then the image below shows what cracks ..

This has been bent away to stop rattling and is usually touching the pipe .

If enough access then they can be welded .. often though as per image bending is the quickest option .


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@ TonyC911

You're right, looks like the drivers side heat shield is now loose and is sitting on the Cat, causing the metallic rattling.

Any suggestions whether there is a temporary fix I could do myself here? (No mechanical experience whatsoever! But I can follow logical guides).

Otherwise, service is due next month so will just live with it for another few weeks. (I like to think of it as PSE+.... :D)

Also, here's another question regarding the drivers side window not fully shutting:

I've always found my car quite loud inside (road noise) but didn't think too much of it given it's sports car after all. However, it alway seemed like the wind noise was worst on the drivers side, like the window was open by a couple of mm's.

Well, today I took a proper detailed look and can see that whilst it does close up to avoid any water getting in. It appears to be a good few mm short compared to the passenger side (!)

Is this a common issue? Again, any suggestions for a fix - Ideally I'd like to be able to at least have a phone call (on the BT of course) without needing it on full vol!

Cheers all

I've had both of the issues with my 997. My car went in for the major service and the tech at the Porsche Centre said the fastening on the shield oxidizes to the point at which it breaks. He said he'd thrown it away and not replaced it as it was not strictly needed.

The window is adjusted by removing the plugs at the bottom of the door where you will find bolts where you can adjust the window up and down, I have to admit I have never got it quite right though. I hate everything to do with doors, doors cards, and window adjustments with a passion :)
hantin.w said:
Well, today I took a proper detailed look and can see that whilst it does close up to avoid any water getting in. It appears to be a good few mm short compared to the passenger side (!)

To adjust the height of the window you need the door card off , there are two rubber bungs near the top and one front and one rear .. you pull these out .

There is a T30 torx screw .. you slacken this then at the same point move the window up and retighten ... i use the same screwdriver to just lever it up a bit .

You adjust the window to suit basically so you might adjust it a couple of times to get it correct .

Window is in the closed position when you adjust it .. as per images which show what it looks like and where you adjust it .

The ones in the base of the door alter the in / out angle of the window .. rule of thumb is mid way in the slot is about right .


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DeMort is of course right, my mistake, the adjusters I mentioned are for in and out, not up and down.
System said:
I hate everything to do with doors, doors cards, and window adjustments with a passion :)

Trust me when i say i don't like these anymore than you do .. time consuming faff that when you actually road test the car after adjusting you hear wind noise and have to start again ... which means door card off again !

Mind you these are a damn sight easier to adjust than some of the earlier cars .. if ones booked in i tend to go off sick lol .

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