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Advice 996 Turbo


17 Sep 2003
Got the chance of a 99 W 996 Turbo with 25k miles 58995GBP.

It's a dealer car with FSH and warranty. Guards Red.

Any advice or comments? I thought it seemed a wee bit pricey.

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sounds ok..... assuming it's got ALL the toys... go for it.. esp in red..

£almost £60 for an Early Turbo.....??????? but from a dealer so a bit of a premium..

but weren't the early 99 cars retailing at about £95k +

question would be in a years time + 10k miles.. what would the value be....? as the catch here is that the higher price refelcts the mileage.. so if you drive it.. you will pay in depreciation.....!

although as every 996 seems to be silver or black.. a red turbo.. ater all why not ! it's the new arena red for the 996 !

and I almost bought a red 996 targa instead of my current black 993 targa !

well that's my take on it...

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Seems about right to me, esp if it's at an OPC. A grand or two off for red?

All 996s will take a pretty serious depreciation hit if you drive them. Turbo more initially, I reckon, then it'll level off and do better than a 'cooking' 996.

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Pretty low spec. Not many toys as Sandeep puts it.

Concerned about colour- It look great but just strikes me as although they are saying it is rare to sell it equally they will say it is unusual when trading it back in.

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by noony on 14 December 2004

I prefer the blue one for 56k at
never so keen on the grey interior.... but you can't go wrong with ANY turbo !

although red with a black interior look the business.. and more unique !

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The red one has Grey as well!!!

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my dislike of non-black interiors is that the whole interior is the one colour, esp on the 996, so rather than grey seats on a black dash.. it's all grey, etc

as for the Beige & green colour.. NO !

so for me any I would only get a 996 turbo (Black, SIlver or Red !) with an all black interior.... but that's just me...

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