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Aching clutch foot


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25 Sep 2004
Hi Ladies and Gents

I have a 96 993 and the clutch pedal is becoming intolerably fierce to deploy, I've noticed this over the last week or so more than ever, when i bought the car 5K miles ago it was ok and the previous owner told me that the clutch had been replaced.......cheaply, by a specialist firm that doesn't have the greatest reputation but he thought it was OK.
Any Ideas what the problem could be?

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Could be the clutch is worn (or the releasing bearing or something like that), or problem with slave or master cylinder. Get it looked at by someone reputable like JZ who's not too far from you.

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RS Clutch and flywheel time :wink:

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by poon on 03 October 2004

RS Clutch and flywheel time :wink:
Yeh, I want one too, may be my clutch is getting heavier by the minute...I'm sure it'll slip if I try hard enough.....

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Yeah I'm thinking that's gonna be the case, My old 964 had a RS conversion...............given that the 993 is slightly more refined than a 964 does this conversion make is less so.........Poon, your obviously a fan what's the story?


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Sounds like the clutch, as mine started feeling that way before beginning to slip.

New clutch now fitted and back to a much lighter clutch pedal.

The clutch & RS flywheel option is an interesting decision you will have to make. In the end I stayed with the original setup as the thought of all the noise coiming into the cabin when you are stuck in traffic did not appeal.

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