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About to join the club with a 2016 Targa 4S MANUAL....


New member
7 Nov 2021
Hello everyone I'm going to be the very excited and proud owner of a 991.2 Targa 4S with manual transmission, black on black hope to be in it next week and as ever I'm trying to get some tips and heads up good and bad for what's about to enter my life!!!

The car does not have the sports chrono which I'm miffed about but I am thinking of giving it a full Litchfield! Has anyone got experience to share.

Can anyone point me to where to obtain production numbers of this Car? And lastly can a sports chrono be retro fitted? [/b]
Oops it''s lonely

No reply so I guess it's no like the 993 group? Cheers anyway
Owned one of these 15 years with SC. I can not think when I've ever used it on road you'll not miss. No point of tuning its very fast out the box a gen 2. Easily as fast as old turbo and if you want good tuners can give them 600bhp. 9e , Litchfield to name a few

Re: Oops it''s lonely

shaunKD said:
No reply so I guess it's no like the 993 group? Cheers anyway

There was no question in your subject line and expecting replies within 24 hours - on a Friday - is expecting a lot.

I suspect an OPC could answer your sports chrono question immediately.

Looking forward to pics of your new car. :thumb:
Had SC on a previous car but don't miss it on my current one. Not sure why so many people spec it TBH, guess it's sales reps worrying customers and resale value.
I'd say learn to enjoy the journey with what you've got before worrying about getting there .5 sec quicker.
:congrats: on your new ride!

I wouldn't bother adding any more power, unless you are a track monster.
Look forward to seeing some pics!

Enjoy :thumb:
I believe Sport Chrono can be added, minus the wart. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on it as its probs the best looking non GT car jn that range
It's weird how we all want bits on our cars that they don't have then when we have em we don't use em anyway.

I don't think I ever used mine on my gts but I used it in my cayman just to try it out.
I used launch control when I was out with my son.
He instantly grassed me up to his mum so I've not used it since. I've still got the skid marks. :lol:

Congrats on the new ride though. New car days are so exciting. Like Christmas but better. You'll have to start finding excuses to just pop out the house like ooh we've ran out of milk and all of that stuff.

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