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A sick Chick?


9 May 2004
Please could someone help me on this rather odd issue? I’m a bit of a novice with Porsche engines. I’m in the process of getting my first ever Porsche. I found a bit of a peach at a non-authorised dealer with all the bits in it that I want and the right body colour…. rather easier said than done so I don’t really want to let this one go!996, 2000, sports exhausts, 60K on the clock and a FPSH.

The problem was when I took it out for a test drive. When I got the car to 4000rpm in 4
(after a 10min warm up) it started dropping out revs, sort of dipping down and back up again. I then slowed to about 70, which was when it stopped.Also when I floored it to the rev limiter it was as if I’d driven the car through thick treacle. It tried to reduce the revs but again fluctuating from 5000-6000 for a few seconds as if it didn’t know what it was trying to do!

I’ve booked an AA inspection for tomorrow…..is it a dead duck or a tiger that’s not seen the light of day for a while?




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Sound like a 996 with a definite problem , most likely vario cam. Its fixable and the dealer should get it into Porsche (or a good specialist). I think.....budget £1000 if my guess is right.

p.s. on a 911 a specialist inspection, or main dealer inspection might be better as they will know the model intimately.

Adrian Crawford.

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Thanks for the advice. I spoke to a 'normal' mechanic this morning before the car got the once over. He reconded that it's a no go with such a sophisticated beast. I so wanted her to be mine too :(

I think I'll go with the safer bet of an approved dealer like Paragon or Lancaster.I'm also having to get rid of a WReg Golf GTI thats clocked at 120,000 not an easy banger to rehome!


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Worth trying the specialist instead of the main dealers very value for often as good cars

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According to the dealer that is selling the car the problem is fixed and it was a dodgy AirFilter...!?!

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good point....I can't remeber who it was that serviced the car it was'nt the chaps that are selling it. I know there are plenty more fish in the sea but it's hard to move on when you've fallen in love.

Have a look at the add...


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sorry to be harsh but its nothing special, especially the tan hide, tough on resale. 99 with high 50k's on the clock. They are not exactly a Porsche specialist either! keep looking there are loads out there.

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It has the sports exhausts and cruise...I've yet to find one for that price and body colour. I would love to go for the GT2 but I can't afford to be that generous to myself neither do I want to take out shares in my Insurance company :eek:

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Thanks for the links. I'm off to have a look at a car in Brum thats got all ths right bits. I'm a bit fussy. I want a C2 manual as its the fastest it seems of the lot without the turbo.

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