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A serious clean!


20 Jun 2007
Unfortunately I couldn't order from elite detailer, so had to go somewhere else to order the following:

The wash:
UF Wash & Rinse Two Bucket Set
Born To Be Mild Shampoo
Lambswool Wash Mitt x2

The dry:
Time To Dry Drying Detailer
Zero Scratch Microfibre Drying Towel

The clay:
Quik Clay Detailing System

The polish:
Swirl X (first time to remove a lot of paint swirls)
Ultimate Polish
Fantastic Fur Microfibre Buffing Cloth

Lime Prime

The wax:
Auto-Balm Wax
Zero Scratch Microfibre Buffing Fleece

The roof (glass) and windows:
G1 ClearVision

The polish wont happen that frequently, same with prewax and wax.

Anything missing? And is that the right ordering?

Presumably a polish and wax once a year, with a simple wash and dry as and when (eg once a month/fortnight/week).


PS will post some pre and post pictures when the stuff arrives (and weather a little brighter!!)
GD said:
Presumably a polish and wax once a year


guessing I just have OCD then! :grin:
I'm happy to do it more frequently, but I understood that most daily drivers get their car detailed once a year, and do a simple wash and dry around that?

Yes that's right. Most people who have their car detailed, as far as I knew, just wash their car and dry it. They don't re-polish and wax again until the next detail session.
You've spent too long n the Internet.

It's not just product, it's knowing how to use it.

Speak nicely to your local body shop, learn how the professionals do it.

Good luck.
The Internet guides seem very straight forward, but the challenge is understanding the plethora of products out there.

I was hoping there's enough expertise on here without having to venture down to a local body shop that may or may not know what they're doing.
Dodo Lime Prime is a pre-wax polish. I wouldnt bother with your ultimate polish and would just use that. You are just repeating your work here.

If you have stacks of fine scratches you can use a filler compound after the Lime Prime too. I use Poorboys blackhole.

Depending on your use you will only need to apply polish and filler every 3-6 months. LP works really well with a DA or rotary polisher, but by hand its still good.

Once you're polished use your wax and then keep the wax coat topped up every few washes.

If you find you struggle for waxing time Dodo Red Mist is good to spray on after a wash, as it tops up your wax.

Don't get bogged down with wonder products,a good shampoo, glaze/filler and wax is enough for most people IMO plus a wheel dressing...
I put some holograms in mine removing scratches with the rotary, Black hole sorted them out (dark cars) excellent glaze/filler!
I'd say learn how to use a good safe wash system and care and patience are more important than spending loads on endless products (ive done it!) Sounds like you've got a good list as in 2 buckets, wool mitts, microfibres etc. I glaze and wax my car as often as I can, yes a good quality shampoo, rinse and wipe can be enough but I enjoy it :grin:
Only clay if you need to and take care, it is brilliant stuff just keep checking for debris in the clay... :thumb:

Thanks, that is excellent advice.

I need to look at the black hole, as my car is quite a dark blue (not midnight) and the scratches show up as if it had a black finish.

Reference the clay bar, do you keep folding it over until you start to see the rubbish coming back through? I bet my car is going to dirty that soap bar up big time!!
PS I think the previous owner put the car through a petrol station's car wash, so that's the sort of scratches I'm trying to remove. In which case, would you recommend swapping the ultimate polish for the black hole still?
You'll probably find that you're just filling the scratches and every time you wash they will reappear! This is where having the paintwork properly machined by a pro gives you the best base to start from.

Yes you could do it yourself with a random orbit polisher, which is safer for a novice, but it takes a long time.

IMHO using a rotary is too risky unless you're experienced.

I've never tried ultimate so can't comment on what I've not used I'm afraid, all I can say is Blackhole works well is pretty cheap and goes on quick.
How perfect you get things depend on the condition of the paint to begin with, I'm no expert just a keen amateur who's played at it for 20 years :D
Yes keep the clay bar clean by folding and lubricate frequently!
If its not been done before it should get plenty of gunk off, my paint was like burnt toast when I got it, 3 hours clay barring with washing up liquid to lube and remove contaminates changed the car completely, yours is a newer car so might not be too bad, it is a great start anyway.
There's some good guides to cleaning on here and elsewhere. Always wear clothes without buckles, zips, buttons (obvious but important).
Use a jet wash if you can to get as much grit off as possible before you start
Like I say wash with care, try different products and have fun, most will give decent results, don't spend a fortune. Once clayed regular careful cleaning and quick waxing will keep things pretty shiny!
You may need to use some fine cutting polish to remove fine scratches or swirls, mine needed machine polishing on the worst bits but I would recommend you get professional advice on machine use before you try it, or buy an old banger and practice on that.
I did

Thanks smigga and ducky that's excellent.

Yes you've both hit my real concern and that is whether I need to use a machine to get it to a good base level.

I absolutely don't feel comfortable running a sander across the car, but understood I could get most of the light scratches by using afore named products and a lot of elbow action!

From reading your comments, I am now of the opinion that this isn't going to be the case!!

I'll post the before and after pics (when the stuff finally turns up!!), but I now suspect the effort will be simply masking the issue - even with the swirlx!!

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