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A man's obsession with his 993!


13 Sep 2011
The next time you wife or girlfriend complains, show her these links:



A Porsche 911 fan in Osaka commissioned Kenji Yanagawa Architects to build an entire townhome around the garage. The garage is the resting place of the client's silver 911 (when not in use, of course).

So Yanagawa designed a structure that showcases the clean garage. The design is based on a simple grid of white steel columns, organized around an open-air staircase leading up from the entrance to the garage. In this way the 911 is visible from nearly every angle of the home: the back wall is plated in glass, leading to the client's sound studio. The ceiling is gridded with glass too. The workspace has the best view - it opens out onto the garage.

But the home isn't entirely just design-based. Its most important function is to withstand strong seismic forces during earthquakes.


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I saw this on bloomberg this morning, makes me think I could be much worse than I am.
Some people can go to extremes. There's a chap with a Balmoral green Range Rover who 'loves' his car :nooo:

(BTW that house was built when he had his 964 :grin: )
Well to me that's pretty sad.....and it's friggen boring silver!.....I mean.....wtf!.....;)
What did/ does the owner of the Range Rover do?

Also I meant 'your' and not 'you' in my original post!
seems like perfectly normal behaviour to me!!
:hammer: :bonk:
NS80 said:
What did/ does the owner of the Range Rover do?

Zingari said:
NS80 said:
What did/ does the owner of the Range Rover do?


I remember watching a program on car lovers....it was in the US. There was a chap who did odd things to a Bettle and arranged to "car swap" with a Pontiac Firebird owner for the night.

Now back on subject...I would love to have a garage with a huge glass window/wall to a study so I could work and look upon the 911. Not sure er in doors would accept the house built around it with that viewing patform from the bedroom. Did make me wonder.....does he bend the missus over the rail whilst looking at the 993??
***********BE WARNED - WEIRD PIC ALERT*************

Sorry. :oops: Cant resist as someone wants to understand 'loving' car owners. :what:

This is the tame version. And to protect confidentiality it has been censored :thumb:

Why build a house when you can do it outdoors :thumb:


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Hmmm looks like a double pipe Rangie...bonus!
I remember watching a program on car lovers....it was related to a Rangie!!

Hmmmm! :?: :floor:
madalaa said:
.....and it's friggen boring silver

Ahem, I think you will find that it is Polar Silver! The best colour by far for the 993 - clearly the man is a connoisseur

Is it just me, or is the there is something wrong with the blue print for the build on the second attachment - that looks like the profile of a 996!!!


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